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Letcher Countians visit Florida

Some of this week’s column is carried over from a couple of weeks ago, but I’ll put it in anyway.

Tommy Harris Smith, Mary Jo Blair and Lillie Moss Hale have all returned from spending the winter in Florida. Lillie had a little sick spell while there, but is doing better now. While in Florida they enjoyed being with Toby Breeding and his family for a fish fry, and they also attended church together on Sundays. Jeremiah

Elwood and Kathy Cornett also spent time in Florida recently. They visited with Toby and Coleen, and went to Cape Canaveral to watch the lift-off of the space shuttle. They said it was a remarkable event. On their way home they stopped to see their former neighbor, Liz Parker.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to James and Megan Smith, who recently lost the twins Megan was carrying. She had been having health problems. We know Megan and her parents, James and Earnest Wayne and Joanne Smith, are all so sad about the loss of the little twins, but glad that Megan’s health will be okay.

Blair Branch lost another neighbor and friend when Stella Mae Blair died at Pikeville Hospital. I’m sorry to say I didn’t know that Mae had been so sick, and our sympathy goes out to Elvenia and Riley, and also to Lovell, Minnie and Ila and the rest of her family and friends. Her funeral was held at Blair Branch Church on March 4, with a large crowd in attendance.

Also, longtime Jeremiah resident Gillis Adams died last week at the age of 92. He hadn’t been doing too well for the last few years, but Cornie and the children were able to take care of him at home. He had recently been in the hospital. His service was also held at Blair Branch Church, with burial in the Lenville Adams Cemetery.

Benji and Danna Smith have their first grandchild. Their daughter Beth and her husband Steven are the proud parents of a new baby girl. Her name is Maggie and she and mother are doing well.

Alan and Reva Adams’s son Daniel and his wife Kayla also have a new baby boy, Mason Scott.

Belated birthday wishes to Aundria Bush, who celebrated a birthday March 5.

Saturday, Ed, Cheryl, Hunter, Hannah, Hayden and Bob Banks, Sue Goodson and I all went to the Nicholasville Cracker Barrel Restaurant to meet with Beth, Joy, Gage and Lilly Banks, who drove down from Cincinnati, Oh. We enjoyed eating and shopping together, but since Jessie was working she couldn’t have lunch with us, and we were sorry she couldn’t sit with us.

Raymond Combs of Ohio, died last week. He was a brother to Ida Adams of Blair Branch, and his wife Alta is a sister to Ruth Smith. He had many other kinfolk in the Jeremiah area.

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