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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Letcher County archers compete


Vergle Caudill will again be in charge of the upkeep of the Hampton and Dixon cemeteries above the Letcher School. If you have loved ones resting there, you can send a donation for grass mowing and weed-eating to: Vergle Caudill, P.O. Box 172, Blackey, KY 41804.

The mowing season will be here soon if we continue to get a little sunny, warm weather.

The UK basketball games have been keeping everyone glued to the TV, rooting on the Wildcats.

Liberty Campbell and Bonita Adams drove down to Louisville to watch Noah Campbell and others compete in the archery tournament. There are so many different school activities for the students to get involved in nowadays, and that’s good for them to stay busy and out of meanness.

Sterlin Caudill is still recuperating from his recent car accident. His and Mertie’s son has been in checking on them.

Libby Smith and myself were pleased to have former Blair Branchers visiting at our shops on Saturday; Maxine Buell of Paulding, Oh., and Denise Back of West Unity, Oh., were out shopping with local girls, Barbara Doreen Madden and Margie Caudill. I enjoyed talking and visiting with them.

It is getting time to start giving out Easter sunrise services that will be held at the local cemeteries. There will be services at Burton Hill Cemetery, Hampton and Dixon Cemetery, and usually the Isom Cemetery and the Adams Cemetery at the beginning of Blair Branch. I’ll have more in next week’s paper about the times and places.

Don and Coreen Pridemore will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on March 27.

Last week as Bob and I were on Carbon Glow walking in the woods with our dogs, we began to smell smoke and the dogs were acting funny. Then we began to hear the crackle of the fire and saw the flames.

Someone came in after we got there and had set a fire, probably not knowing that someone may be in the woods. It was kind of scary for a few minutes, but we made it out okay and the firefighters were there fighting the fire soon. They stay busy this time of the year.

Codie Kiser, a grandson of Ronnie G. and Maggie Back, has been on a trip to Italy. We hope he had a great trip and that his dad and mom didn’t worry too much. I saw where Medra said they had talked with him on Skype, and that made missing him a little easier and less worrisome.

Ernestine McIntyre and her daughter were in from Indiana visiting family here. They stopped by my shop, and Ernestine was wearing a brace on her wrist. She had fallen on the snow and ice this winter, and had broken her wrist.

Dad and K.P. Pridemore planted a few rows of potatoes last week, and Jerry Adams and Dad have been getting the bottom plowed up and ready for gardening season.

That’s it for this week, maybe more news next time.

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