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Letcher County Day scheduled in Harrision, Ohio

Howdy, folks! Is it spring or fall? The weather is sure all messed up it seems. I had to bring my flowers in the house again as it predicted frost in our area!

My husband, Clayton, keeps griping that the weather forecasters can’t get anything right! With all the knowledge of technology, I still have an old-fashioned belief that God is in control of the weather. If He wants a cold spell, we are going to have it; if He wants it warm then we will have that too.

Clayton and the Bluegrass Addition Band did a show at Olde Star Theater along with Cecil Jackson and Dry Ridge. A special thanks to our friends, Joe and Molly Farwick and Wanda Vinson, for driving down for the show. Wanda doesn’t drive that far by herself so she rode with Joe and Molly.

There are two very special people I want to acknowledge, John and Gladys Back, formerly of the Blackey and Bull Creek area, who now live in Lexington. John and Gladys get The Mountain Eagle and read my column, so they decided to drive to the Olde Star Theater to hear Clayton Durham & The Bluegrass Addition along with Cecill Jackson and Dry Ridge Band.

I introduced John to Clayton, and it seems that John and Clayton both know the same people from Livingston, the Ponder family. I have met a couple of the Ponders. Dale Ponder is a very good friend of Clifton Bond. It seems no matter where you go, you can run into someone who knows someone you do.

We had a bad storm in our area and the lightning decided my computer needed a rest, so it knocked it out. Thanks to Paul Weber, who has it back in good running condition. Paul is a whiz at computers and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. If anyone in this area ever needs someone dependable to work on a computer, get in touch with me.

I really appreciate my friend, Linda Hollan, who let me use her computer last week. It is strange using someone else’s computer.

Sept. 29 there will be a Letcher County day at the shelter behind the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio. This will start around 10 a.m. Please bring a picnic lunch, something to drink and if you have a lawn chair you might want to throw that in, though there are picnic tables, plenty parking, and a nice playground. Let’s have a good turnout for this. The Harrison Community Center is located off Broadway Street. A new restaurant called Monks has opened up and George Street is directly across the street from it.

September should be beautiful so this should be an enjoyable time for traveling. You musicians, grab your instruments. I may even do an oldfashioned hoe-down for you! I know Ann Calihan will sing her rooster song. If we can get the Whitaker clan, Calihan clan, Days, and the Isons that will be a good start.

Ken Frazier, you were disappointed last year when you received the information of the other picnic too late so here is plenty advance notice. I plan to get some information from Mona Inman so I can send some cards. I may have taken on more than I can handle, we will just have to wait and see. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

I have talked to Polly Ann Maucher and she is planning on coming. I bet her sister-in-law, Eveeda Ison, will be there too. Then there’s Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, so let’s make Letcher County proud!

Actually, if you aren’t from Letcher County we wouldn’t turn you away!

My deepest sympathy goes out to a longtime friend of mine, Margie Kelly, and her family in the death of her husband, Roscoe Kelly. Roscoe was born in Harlan County. He and Margie lived in Harrison, Ohio, for many years, Roscoe retired from the service; he and Margie spent a few years in Germany, among other places. After Roscoe retired from the service, he worked for IRS, retired from that and continued his own business from his home. He worked right on up until he couldn’t do it anymore.

Roscoe was a very devoted husband, father and grandfather, and great-grandfather. For years he was active in the American Legion here in Harrison.

A few years ago Roscoe and Margie got interested in old cars. He bought his youngest daughter, Colleen Kelly Knigga, a Mustang, then he purchased a fire engine red Mustang convertible for him and Margie.

These two white-haired sweethearts had a zest for life that some forget. They would enter their Mustang in car shows and won several ribbons and trophies. As his health declined he kept the car for a while, then decide to sell it.

After Collen married Brian Knigga, he restored her 1966 Mustang to mint condition. They would take it to car shows along with her parents. When Clayton and I arrived at the funeral home, there sat the Mustang.

Roscoe will be greatly missed by his family and friends. His pain and suffering is over now. His stepmother, Della Kelly, was a schoolteacher in the Harrison grade school for many years and taught my daughter, Angie Ballard Wiederhold. Della preceded him in death just about a year ago.

I received an email from Jowanda Davis asking about my cousin, Marcella Young, who has been dead now for several years. Thank you, Jowanda, for your kind words.

Annalee Jones has been going to church with my friend, Betty Ison, and Betty’s friend, Alice. Annalee saw the article and picture of Kingdom Come School. She is a sister-in-law to Bruce Jones of Ingrams Creek, and she says Levine Jones is a very good friend. She really enjoyed seeing the Jones boys’ picture in the paper.

Ann Calihan had no trouble finding me in the photo of the group of kids. She said I looked like my daughter, Angie, when she was young. I received a note from Francis Ratliff Baker. One person I wasn’t sure about in the Kingdom Come High School picture was Francis Ratliff. Francis is a close friend of Betty Ison of Aurora, Ind. I met Francis a couple of years ago and told her then I was positive we went to school together.

Belated happy birthday to Johnny Calihan May 12. I am sorry, Johnny, when this contraption went down, I missed several things.

I spent most of a recent afternoon at Betty and Doyle Ison’s. I wish I had a picture of their deck. If I had a ramp at the edge of it, I could drive my car up on it and park – actually, you could probably put three cars on it. I am trying to talk Doyle into moving his little barn-shaped building to his back lot and letting me live there.

Hello to Marie Back and Sammie Adams. I hope it is possible for these two to get together soon.

Sammie’s granddaughter, Rhonda Morgan, tells me she went to visit her grandma, along with her mom and her uncle and kids. They planted her flowers for her. Rhonda says she keeps a real neat house and yard.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been rather busy in her yard and garden. She keeps saying she isn’t planting anything else and she plants more and more.

Thanks to Ann and Johnny Calihan I had green onions, and lettuce. Of course I had cornbread too. I also had some good fried polk.

Shirley Wells’s grandson was graduated from high school. She is very proud of him. My granddaughter, Jodi Gray, will be graduating soon.

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol. com.

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