Whitesburg KY

Letcher County Governor’s Cup Competition winners named

District Governor’s Cup Competition sponsored by the Kentucky Academic Association was held December 15 and 19 at Arlie Boggs Elementary and Whitesburg Middle schools.

In the Arlie Boggs District, the winners from ABE are:

Treston Hughes, first math, first science

Ronnie Adams, fourth math, second science

Israel Terr,y fifth math

Allison Foley, second social studies

Logan Cornett, fifth social studies, fifth English composition

Emily Collier, first language arts, second English composition

Kimberly Dickerson, third language arts

McKinley Hamilton, fourth language arts

Kirsten Sexton, first English composition, second arts & humanities

Dylan Anderson, fourth arts & humanities

First place Quick Recall, first place overall

Fleming-Neon winners:

Matt Jessey, second math, fourth social studies

Randi Wampler, third math

Quaydenn Fleming, first social studies

Ethan Day, third social studies

Bella Back, third science, fourth English composition

Drew Richardson, third science, third arts & humanities

Josh Whitaker, fifth science

Kandace Sturgill, second language arts, fifth arts & humanities

Gabby Day, second English composition, first arts & humanities

Second place Quick Recall, second place overall

In the Whitesburg District, the winners from Whitesburg Middle are:

Luke Little, third math, third science

Abby Enfusse, fifth social studies

Dalton McCown, first science, third English composition

Makayla Ashby, first language arts

Brooke Saurer, second English composition

John Ison, first arts & humanities

Samantha Crawford, fourth arts & humanities

Second place Quick Recall, second place overall

Cowan winners:

Haley Banks, fourth math

Journey Adams, fifth math, third language arts

Micayla Brashears, second social studies

Laken Caudill, fourth language arts

Lilah Hammock, fifth language arts, fourth English composition

Alex Fields, fourth science, third arts & humanities

Makenna Johnson, fifth English composition

Third place Quick Recall, third place overall

Letcher Middle School winners:

Ben Mason, first math, first social studies

Tyler Stacy, second math, second science

Tekoa Henrikson, third social studies

Eric Maggard, fourth social studies

Ellie Eldridge, second language arts, second arts & humanities

Susie Caudill, fifth arts & humanities

Katie Braswell, first English composition

Emily Morales, fifth science

First place Quick Recall, first place overall

All of these students advanced to Regional Governor’s Cup Competition at Hindman Elementary on January 29 and February 2.

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