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Letcher County native returns for visit

Hello everyone!

This may be a very short column as I am a little tired today. I left Harrison, Ohio about seven in the morning on June 22, and I pulled in front of Letcher Manor Nursing Home close to eleven o’clock.

I had planned to leave earlier. I got out of bed feeling bad after a sleepless night, almost decided not to go, even called my brother Richie Hall to say I didn’t think I would try to make the trip. Then I decided to grab a bag and head out. The drive was really relaxing as there wasn’t that much traffic on the road once I got out of the northern Kentucky area.

I stopped at the rest area at Natural Bridge to take a break, then drove the rest of the way without stopping.

Richie came looking for me at Letcher Manor then we went to McDonald’s, that is, after I finally was able to climb up into his pickup truck.

I had a short visit with my brother Wallace Lee Hall and my sister Loretta Church, then went to see my brother Jerry and his wife Mattie Hall.

I drove on to Ingrams Creek to Richie and Wanda’s. Since Wanda was working, Richie and I went to see Willamae Boggs who is in Pikeville Medical Hospital.

It was really good to see Willamae again, I just wish it was under diff erent circumstances. Willamae is such a sweet person.

Willamae kept telling me how pretty I am. Richie said I wasn’t as pretty as he was, and that made Willamae laugh.

I hope Willamae gets her strength back quickly.

Carl was about ready to tell me quit bothering him I bet. Now I did tell him we should go dancing while Willamae was in the hospital. We were afraid we would be there too, just on different floors.

When Richie and I got back to his house Wanda had come home for work. She had supper fixed. There was corn on the cob, green beans, fresh coleslaw, potatoes along with tomatoes and cucumbers, and cornbread. Everything was so good.

Sometime that night the electricity went off in the Ingram’s Creek area. It didn’t come back on until almost noon the next day. I will once again make you laugh. Somehow during the night I turned over in the bed and managed to fall out on the floor. I woke up wondering where I was, and finally realized I was at Richie and Wanda’s and then hoped Richie hadn’t heard me hit the floor.

Richie and I went on a long ride on his four-wheeler. We stopped at the Frazier Cemetery on Kingscreek where our brother, sister, grandpa and aunt are buried, then we rode to the cemetery on Big Branch where Mom, Dad and our great-grandparents are buried along with a sister-in-law and lots of relatives.

While we were traveling down Kingscreek I wanted to stop at Jerry Sturgill’s or Michael Ison’s to see if they had a cup of coffee they would share since Richie had no electricity. I was afraid Michael would want to hold my hand and I didn’t have much time.

On the way back Richie went a different way back to Ingrams Creek. He went down a rough and rocky road called Big Branch. This is the very road I listened to our mom years ago and I drove my daughter’s car on. Back the I prayed all the way down.

The only problem I had with riding on the back of the four-wheeler, Richie had waxed the seat then he was kind enough to give me a pillow. The pillow kept sliding and my legs aren’t long enough to steady myself so I did a lot of holding on tight. I enjoyed the ride and Richie was a very careful driver. He knew he would be sitting in warm water if he scared me too bad!

I said I dared anyone else to say how smart I am, a great-grandmother that will get on a four-wheeler isn’t too smart. Just kidding. While we were at the cemetery on Big Branch I sat down on a mossy spot. I brought home some chiggers and I am itching yet.

After we got back to Richie and Wanda’s, I packed up and headed back to Whitesburg. I hope the person who took the refrigerator out of my brother Wallace Lee’s room reads this column as he has a new one in his room! Thanks to the nice person who works at Letcher Manor for helping get it out of my car, and thanks to the one for finding a table to place it on and setting it up.

I went to pick up Jerry and Mattie so they could spend a little time with Wallace Lee and Loretta. Loretta got in a wheelchair and was visiting Wallace in his room. This is the first time that four of us siblings have been together in quite some time.

When I took Jerry and Mattie home, I decided to let the car cool off for a few minutes. I did one of my tricks that I haven’t done in a long time. I closed the car door while it was running with the keys locked inside. A special thanks to the Whitesburg policeman for opening it for me.

I finally was able to head for Harrison, Ohio without anything else happening. Oh I forgot to say I did stop at Halcomb’s Custard and I got my favorite treat. A soft delicious cone that I really didn’t need.

I had planned on seeing several people and didn’t even call anyone as there wasn’t enough time.

I had planned to stop in The Mountain Eagle
to say hello to Pam and to Freddie, who are always so nice if I call there for something.

Mildred Rogers, thanks for the beautiful card and note. Mildred had a knee replacement and is doing great. Mildred wrote the nicest letter saying how much she enjoyed my book. I had to have a new batch re-printed so it put me behind in sending a few out. Now I have a few copies of ‘The Beauty of A Rose’ again!

Friday night I went to the Coon Hunters Club and was in for a surprise as my favorite musician was there again, none other than Marvin Davis. Marvin picked with a group of guys who did a really good job. John Muncy is really a good singer and plays a mean guitar. The whole group is great. J.J. played the bass, and Bill Peterson who drives a long way to play the banjo. He is a good banjo picker.

The second group featured Elmer Napier. Marvin played the fiddle and a woman from Memphis, Tenn., joined the group. She and Marvin really did some wonderful harmony together. I am sorry I didn’t get the singer’s name!

My friend Becky Tipton was there along with my dancing partner Alphine Stacy and two special friends, Otis and Betty Ashcraft. Betty has trouble with her knees, but Otis is one of the best dancers that I have ever danced with. Becky really enjoyed Otis dancing with us. I have danced with Otis and Betty over 30 years.

Otis does fancy clogging steps that I could never learn when I was younger. I always tease him and tell him he is a showoff. Age isn’t slowing him down, well he did get a little out of breath. No wonder, he had three crazy women to keep up with.

Gwen Huff Farmer is still hacking away in her garden, and it is beautiful. I wish she had been with me in the mountains. We might not have ever gotten started back.

I know Shirley Wells has really been wanting to head that way!

Emma Engle, I tried to drink in the beauty of the trees and let my mind absorb everything around me so I could remember to tell you.

As I passed the turnoff of I-75, I thought about calling Richie and saying, Tennessee, I hear you calling me.

I talked to Ann Calihan; all the Calihan Clan are doing alright.

Polly Maucher sends her love to Frick and Frack and her sympathy to the family of Barbara Ison.

Jerry Sturgill, I hope your wife is doing alright. Polly says she is having some illness.

I am at the deadline to get this sent in so until next time.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray and her friend Sam Poole along with several others were involved in a boating accident while on vacation at Destin, Fla. They were very lucky they weren’t killed. I really thank God they weren’t seriously hurt. A sailboat turned in front of them, and Sam hit it.

Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com,

EYE Care telephone 513-367-4682.

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