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Letcher County natives head home for holiday

Northeast Ohio

Howdy from Lorain, Ohio. It’s a sunny, cloudy, breezy day here. I’ve done some to the conclusion that Mother Nature is storing up all the warm weather to send it down on us at one time. I’m ready! Warm and warmer is my kind of weather.

I’m writing this early because at or around four o’clock in the morning we’ll be headin’ south. Looking forward to seeing the mountains and of course everyone that I can. By the time this is in The Mountain Eagle we will have been there and back. Sure hope the weather is warmer than we’ve been havin’.

Talked to Jeanie. She, Phil, Christy, Calvin and Mary had all been to Letcher County to help Owen Amburgey celebrate his 80th birthday. Owen is Phil’s brother-in-law, married to Emma Adams Amburgey. From what Jeanie said they all had a great time and Jeanie made the trip just fine. Phil’s aunt, Pressie Adams, also had a birthday last week and his uncle, Ellis Adams, was to celebrate on Saturday. Happy birthday to all and may you have many many more.

Ron called. He and Johnell were planning a trip to Cincinnati, going to help Sarah Belle take care of some stuff. Haven’t heard from Henry Warren lately, just might see him in Letcher County. I’m sure I’ll get to see Anna Lea, unless she decides to leave town.

Hello to Nettie Bentley in Florida. I haven’t heard anything about you lately. Hope this finds you and all your family well.

I saw Georgia this morning. She and Richard had visited one of her cousins, Judy (Potter) and husband Linton Webb. Said both were well and looking good. We may get to see her cousin, Mae Ruth Potter Bentley, at Pine Mountain Grill. We saw her there last year. She lives not far from us but about the only time we see her is at some funeral home.

Billy Wayne stopped by. His business just keeps picking up. Course it’s the only place around where anyone can buy used work clothes. He also sells nurses’ uniforms and other items. Redia has had an awfully bad cold the past few days and anyone who has had colds (ain’t we all) knows she don’t feel all that good.

I put some mustard greens in the freezer. I cooked some for Bill and Redia and we had some for supper. By the time we get back I will have to pick and freeze more.

Well now, I need to get my duds ready for our trip so might as well stop and do so. Hope to get a lot to write about next week.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend and hope to see as many faces in Letcher County. Have a great day. Love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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