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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Letcher County picnic draws 62

Northeast Ohio

Happy sunshiney morning to all! It’s a beautiful morning here, sun is shining, birds are singing and God is in His heaven. Good to be alive.

I’ve got good news this morning, our 13th greatgrandbaby is here and both mother and child are doing well. They had to take the baby, a 4 pound, 1 ounce little girl. They say she is breathing room air. We’re not sure of the name yet, but may know before Catharine comes by tonight.

The Letcher County picnic was a really good one, even though the morning started out with a cold rain. But the day ended up warm and sunny.

If my count was right, there were 62 present. That’s down a bit from previous years, but we did have lots of delicious food, country and gospel playing and singing, and a lot of just talking and enjoying being together.

From Amherst were Orville and Jeanette Fleming and Nannie Johnson, all originally from the Neon-Hemphill area, and Willie and Mable Payne. From Castalia were Emery and Fay Pilkenton, formerly from Jenkins, and Freddy and Amy Isaac, formerly from Deane.

From Elyria were Otho and Pat Holcolmb, who were from Goosecreek. From Huron were Keith and Tammy Graham with daughter Breanna and Violet (Mullins) Baker, who lived in Potters Fork, with a niece from Vermilion, Melissa Stefano.

From Lorain were Charles and Fayetta Hall and Wanda and Ray Damron, formerly of the Neon-Hemphill area, Richard and Georgia Sergent, he from Indian Creek and she from Deane.

Ricky and Joyce Sergent with twins Brandon and Bailee, Willie and Joan Holbrook, Ralph and Kathy Holbrook, all formerly of Millstone. Cleda Bentley and Louise Martin, formerly of Neon. Red and Emma Lou Engle, he from Eolia, and she was born in Millstone, and grew up Indian Creek.

From Michigan were Douglas M. Hall and Ben Sergent, formerly from Indian Creek. From North Ridgeville were John and Goldie (Hunter) Waldecki, from Neon.

From Oberlin were Boyd and Caroline Rogers. From Sheffield Lake were Billie and Myrtle Hughes, formerly of Millstone. From Sheffield Village were Emerson and Mae Gray, he from Pound, Va., and she from Jenkins.

From South Amherst were Bual Holbrook and Jody from Taylorsville, and Leslie Meister, Vermilion.

And from Vermilion were Doug and Sylvia Johnson, he from Jackhorn and she from Fleming- Neon, with them were their son Gary, and grandchildren, Tim and Julia, Linda (Monde) Holbrook, Ed Halcomb and Jim and Kristina Lusk.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but with my track record lately it’s a given. I would like to say hello to Peggy Ving, of Elkton, Va. She is the daughter of Charlie and Evelyn Wright of Whitesburg. I’m sure many of you remember Charlie Wright, he was county court clerk for so many years he was almost a fixture.

I had a most delightful phone visit with one of my beautiful nieces, Roxanne, Ronald Buford’s daughter. Would you believe I can’t think of her husband’s last name? I do know his first name is Ron.

I’m having a ‘sometimers’ moment, you know! It’s when you can sometimes remember and sometimes you can’t.

Anyway, Roxie had back surgery in August, and she seems to be doing well. I just hope and pray she continues doing so. I do hope she and her husband can make it to one of our picnics during my lifetime. He is from Pennsylvania. Love you, Roxie, send me your address please.

We had company, Bill and Redia and Redia’s maid of honor, Mary, who is up visiting from Columbus. They have been friends since before Bill and Redia got married. The whole family has kind of adopted her. A really nice young woman.

I picked and fixed a mess of fresh mustard greens. I had planned to wait a few days, but Red looked out the back door and a thief was right in the middle of the patch! Yes! Mister Chuck was eating like there was no tomorrow, I do believe that is one of the biggest woodchucks I have ever seen and I think he was a might perturbed at us.

He was out earlier in the week, pulled himself a tomato, and left in a hurry. Yesterday I pulled all the ripe tomatoes, and gave them to a neighbor, and all the green ones I fried for supper. Red pulled up the empty vines today.

I just found out the name of the latest member of the Engle-Sergent family is Brooklyn Ruthanne, and that if everything goes as well as it has been, both mom and baby just might be coming home Saturday.

Welcome little Brooklyn, you will be much loved, in fact you already are.

Oma Hatton, I do hope Clyde is doing better and I also hope you are staying well. Our love and prayers are with the both of you.

Red’s niece, Carleta (Engle) Adams, called earlier in the week and he talked with Jean and Charles. I had a long talk with my baby brother, Ronald Buford, earlier in the week.

We had a fun conversation as we went back to Indian Creek times and relived some of the crazy things that happened during the time when we were growing up. Of course me being 13 years older, some things I remembered but, from the time I started high school I wasn’t around too much. I’m sure more went on than before, as the younger generation was more daring.

It’s time to say so long until next time. I’m wishing for all sunny days and peaceful nights, and may your lives be filled with health and happiness, love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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