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Mostly sunny

Letcher County picnic draws crowd

Howdy y’all, hope you are staying warm. It’s really quite cool here, especially during morning hours, seems to warm up nicely by late afternoon. Oh well, what can one expect. After all, fall is just a flea hop away. I love the fall weather and the ever-changing colors of the trees and fall flowers are a beautiful sight to behold. I also think winter is a beautiful time, when everything is covered with its garment of bridal white, looks so clean and pure. I just don’t like to be outside too much, prefer to view the scenery from inside. No need to complain, that’s the way it was planned from the beginning. Each season has its own type of beauty and we should be thankful we are alive to enjoy it.

The Letcher County picnic is now just a memory and a very pleasant one it is. The weather was just about perfect, lots of good food, good pickin’ and singin’ country, gospel and even some bluesy songs. A lot who attend every year were there plus several new faces. I counted 67, but I’m sure I missed some.

From Amherst were Bob and Marguriete Henes (French Creek, W.Va.) and Mabel Payne (Crossville, Tenn.). From Castalia were Freddy and Amy Isaac (Deane). From Elyria were Otho and Pat Holcomb (Otho, Goosecreek, Pat, Michigan). From Huron were Tammy Graham (Neon) and her daughters Breanna and Bethany. From Lorain were Cleda Bentley (Neon) and grandson Johnathon, Ray and Wanda Damron (Jackhorn) Wille Holbrook and Kathy Pullen (Millstone), Charles and Fayetta Hall (Charles, Knott County, Fayetta, Neon), Richard and Georgia Sergent (Richard, Indian Creek, post office Democrat, Georgia, Deane), Rick and Joyce Sergent (Lorain), Lauren, Jordan, Brandon and Bailee also Luis (Lorain), Melissa Hall, Melda Polly (Jackhorn), Willie and Emma ‘Red and Lou’ Engle (Red, Eolia, Lou, Millstone), Lowell Holbrook (Millstone).

From Oberlin were Boyd and Caroline Rogers (Floyd County), Boyd is a musician and both he and Caroline sing, Donald L. Hall (Whitesburg), Don is grandson of the late Lewis Hall, one-time sheriff in Letcher County. From Grafton were James and Ruby Meade (Millstone) and their two daughters Charlotte Whitt (Seco) and Brenda Baker (Millstone), Brenda lives in North Ridgeville and Charlotte in Grafton. James was also part of the music group, he sang as did Brenda, I was so glad they came to join us, was their first time. I had met James and Ruby at church and always liked them very much.

From North Ridgeville were John and Goldie Waldecki (Neon), Mike Payne of the singing group The Paynes, he’s also pastor of a church. With him was his father-in-law, Elisha M. Caudill from Elyria, Ohio (Hazard), Gloria and Ross Bennet (Gloria, Wheelwright, Ross, Coal City, W.Va.). From Michigan were Ray Neil and Joyce Baker (Neon). From Vermilion were Linda Holbrook (Millstone), Beatrice Yost (Jenkins), Doug and Sylvia Johnson (Doug, Jackhorn, Sylvia, Fleming, Neon), Ronnie Vanover (Deane).

From Wakeman, my cousin Inez Criteser (Letcher County) and her son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Shirley, who live in Wickliff e, Ohio. Inez brought me a bag of goodies which are now all gone, a mess of okra which we had on Monday, some delish ‘maters and papaws, which had to keep from Red. No, I wasn’t afraid he would eat them up from me, I just didn’t want to see him all broken out. Yep, he’s allergic to them but I really enjoyed them. Terry Bonnette and Jimmy Bentley (Neon) and daughter Jamie. From Wellington were Billy and Debbie Reasor with Debbie’s children, Cassie and Ben Provoznic and Ben’s girlfriend Christine Coley.

I’m sure I’ve left some names out and I apologize. If your name is not mentioned, just let me know and I will get it in next time. Okay?

Have talked to Jeanie, Sarah and Henry Warren this week. Henry is having trouble with his legs, Jeanie said all were well in her household and Sarah said she was doing okay. Ron had brought her a phone and was showing her how to use it. I’m so glad she now has a phone so we can call her; none of us can visit her every weekend.

Bill and Redia stopped by this afternoon. I was hoping someone would, wanted a guinea pig to try a cake I had baked this morning. I hadn’t made one before but it was actually pretty good, it’s called a Not-From-Scratch Red Velvet cake. Now someone else tried it and gave it the OK and Catharine is here and getting ready to cut a slice for herself, another OK.

Well’ better say so long till next time. Have a good’un, stay well, stay happy and peace be with you. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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