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Letcher County Picnic held in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello again.

It is a cool, crispy morning in the Ohio Valley area. I can feel Old Man Winter breathing down my neck saying, “I will be your constant companion for a long time.” I want to whisper back and say, “You aren’t welcome here.”

Summer has been way too short for me.

As I sit at my computer looking across a freshly mowed hayfield, the trees in my view are starting to get that drab color before Mother Nature and God changes the color to such brilliant hues that don’t last long enough. I want to just run outside and embrace everything before it is gone.

Once more, the Letcher County Picnic is just a memory and I must say a very pleasant one. I hope everyone signed the book as my body was present minus my heart and soul.

Those who attended were James D. Wagner; Gary Eldridge and granddaughter Alexa Bills; Fayette Halcomb; Larry Smith; Wayne and Lettie Blair; Berma Matthews; Olan Whitaker; Forester Hogg and daughter Karen Trayner; Larry and Becky Hasty and daughter Polly Hasty and little Kellie; Bill and Dora Perkins; Glenora Eldridge; Jack and Jackie Salyers; Polly Ann Ison Maucher; Joanne Peters; Norma Ashcraft and daughter Darlene Ashcraft; Bob Bryant; Kenneth Frazier; Johnny Calihan; Green Calihan; Jim Collins; and me.

Somehow I feel that I might have left a name out, though I hope everyone signed the book.

There’s so much I planned that didn’t take place as my brain went on vacation and left my body. Thanks, Gary Eldridge and Larry Smith, for providing music for entertainment.

Forester Hogg had a book published called ‘Roxana.’ I meant to introduce Forester and let him give a presentation about his book, but I completely forgot to this.

Ann Calihan was unable to attend as she fell on her porch and broke her femur bone in three different places. Ann seemed to forget she shouldn’t be doing acrobatics and took a bad fall, and is still in Good Samaritan Hospital. She is improving and should be home before too long.

Clarence Halcomb wasn’t at Letcher County Picnic. I assumed that Clarence was still getting The Mountain Eagle and someone was reading it to him, a wrong assumption. I tried calling his home to no avail. I finally looked in the telephone directory and found his son’s telephone number, but too late.

Happy birthday, Clarence Halcomb, Oct. 8, and Berma Matthews and Ann Calihan, Oct. 7.

Clarence and Arlyn always enjoyed the picnic, and they were greatly missed along with Don and Betty Back.

Doyle and Betty Ison weren’t able to make it either. I missed them and the delicious dessert that Betty always fixed.

Thelma Halcomb, I miss talking to you and I hope you are doing alright.

Letcher County Picnic probably will never be a huge event as I feel I am not in some people’s league, and not highfalutin’, but it is a fun time for all.

This is one time that I seriously thought about not showing up as my special friend Gwen Huff Farmer was barely hanging on and died Saturday evening. I faced everyone with a smile, but inside my heart was breaking.

The past couple of months have been so hard for me personally plus knowing how ill that Gwen was. Gwen had become part of my family for several years, along with her brother Clarence Huff.

My sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of Gwen’s family.

Thanks to her son Glen Farmer for keeping me informed of Gwen’s condition and to her daughter Ruth of Jacksonville, Fla., for calling to inform me of Gwen’s passing.

I will live with the regret of not fulfilling my promise to go visit Gwen. That seems to be the story of my life, living with regret.

Norma Ashcraft, who is President of OKI Bluegrass, called to tell me the club lost a member. Giles Bowling, who is originally from Hazard, died Friday night.

My sympathy goes out to Lettie Webster in the loss of her sister, Lettie is a cousin to the Wagners.

James Wagner, who reads The Mountain Eagle, wanted to meet me. I bet he is sorry that he did.

Versailles Bluegrass Festival Versailles will be in Indiana Oct. 4, and will be featuring Rural Route 2 Bluegrass Band and several other good bands.

Brainpower is diminishing quickly, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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