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Letcher County Picnic held

Happy fall, y’all!

Can you believe it is fall already? I wish it would stay warm at least until next March.

I really wouldn’t want to live in Florida or any other place as I do love the changing of the seasons. I just dread winter so bad.

Thanks to everyone who said they missed my column and wondered if I was in the hospital. It has been almost two months since I have been in the hospital. I’ve been sick enough to go, just hating to so badly.

Saturday was Letcher County Picnic. We had a wonderful time, and as usual all had plenty of food and good companionship. Those who attended were Hayward Day and his daughter Kim Day; Les and Pat Wagner; James D. and Dee Wagner; Ray Roehling; Polly Maucher; Claymon (Lavene) Calihan; Green Calihan; Stanley Calihan Jr.; D’nell Chafin; Johnny and Ann Calihan; Wayne and Lettie Jean Blair; Rebecca (Wagner) Hasty; Polly Hasty and daughter Kellie; Donnie Banks; Molly Farwick; and Rose Ballard.

I hope everyone signed the book, and that I haven’t missed anyone. Thanks to everyone for making this such a great day.

Donnie Banks is from Cowan. When I was 13 years old I stayed with my homeroom teacher, Coleen Addington, when I attended Kingdom Come High School and Donnie’s parents lived next door to the Addingtons.

I don’t remember him as he is a few years younger than me. Through a mutual friend, Donnie and I met a few years ago. This is the first time Donnie has attended Letcher County Picnic.

During a conversation I found out that Donnie knows exactly where I live as he knew Elwood and Edna Sturgill who lived here many years ago — way before we bought the house.

Molly Farwick and I have been friends for several years. I think I first met Molly and her husband Joe Farwick in 1997. A few years back Molly had a stroke, and that started the process of me being involved in Old Time Fiddlers. I would go early to be with Molly and to set up for the meeting while Joe went shopping at Kroger’s for the supplies for the club.

Southern Ohio

Joe died a few years ago, and Molly had to leave the place she had called home on the mountain for many years, and move to a new place a little farther away.

Actually we haven’t seen each other in four years since I went to her mother’s funeral, a few weeks after I had the bypass surgery. I found out that Molly also had bypass surgery.

What is really strange is that Molly is only five months older than I am. We have always teased each other about being twins.

Several years ago Joe, Molly, my ex-husband Clayton and I got together at Appalachian Homecoming in Tennessee. That really was a great time.

I’ve said it before, probably a few times, that through music I have met some wonderful people through the years. When I started helping Joe and Molly, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be president of Old Time Music.

I never thought I would ever be getting a bunch of people together to have Letcher County Picnic either.

Each time as I drive on Broadway Street in Harrison at a funeral home, there’s a display sign that says who is there.

Years ago, after coming from a visit to the mountains, Whitesburg, I got used to seeing the sign at the funeral home at the corner. I called Ron Kercheval in Harrison and asked if he could do something like this, but he said he didn’t know for sure, and he thanked me for the information. To my surprise I passed by one day, and there it was, a square sign on the building.

I hope when my journey on this earth has come to an end, I have left a memory behind.

Mike and Marcia had their son and his wife home for the weekend, and Marcia cooked a delicious meal. Ricky was able to go there to spend the day, and of course he got to hold a little baby.

Ricky’s cousin had given him some baby “doodles,” as Mom called them, as something had killed the mother hen. The baby chickens were thriving so good that Ricky bought several from another cousin.

Ricky worked very hard repairing an old chicken house, even built a chicken lot. After all this love and hard work, a possum somehow got in the lot, killed the first six, then came back the next night and got the other 10 little ones. I bet that possum won’t kill any more.

Ricky would post pictures of the baby chicks on the computer, and it was so neat to listen to and watch them growing. It brought back so many memories of the first years of my husband and me raising chickens and pigs when we were first married.

Doyle and Betty Ison weren’t able to come to the Letcher County Picnic, and we really missed them. I hope they can make it to Old Time Fiddlers before long.

October 8 and 9 are Blackey Days. I may have to skip this year due to health reasons.

Once again thanks to everyone for making Letcher County Picnic such a wonderful time. I was really pleased when I heard plans for next year.

Maybe we can come up with some games we can do while sitting down. I would like to go back to giving gifts for the oldest, youngest, and who came the farthest.

I almost forgot to mention that Wayne Blair brought homegrown watermelons, and one was yellow. I had heard of them but had never seen or tasted one. I took a very thin teeny bite, and if you closed your eyes you really couldn’t tell any difference in the flavor.

Hayward Day has a pawpaw tree with a few pawpaws, but he wouldn’t tell me exactly where he lives. I should have asked Kim for directions. This is not a good year for pawpaws in this area as I have only found a scant few to take to Ann Calihan.

Thanks Johnny Calihan for coming to my rescue to help sweep the shelter.

Until next time.

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