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Letcher County picnic is set for September 29

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Where has there time gone? It seems we just had a visit such a short time ago. I really don’t know about you, however I always look forward to the time we spend together!

Our weather sure has been nice in the Harrison, Ohio, area. Summer came early, the nights are still cool. I do like the hot days; just think, six more months and Old Santa will be coming.

My brother, Richie, and Wanda Hall received a hand-delivered care package from their neighbor, Bruce Jones, which consisted of fresh lettuce, green onions, and new potatoes. It breaks my heart to write this four-letter word, peas.

I thought my brother Richie loved me. He ate the peas and potatoes while talking to me on the phone. The wheels were turned when I did the same to him with the ones Elaine Adams sent me from London.

Levine Jones would have sent me some real sweet sugar peas, except Levine has a parking lot instead of a garden, since he lives close to the Bristol Speedway. If I am ever in the vicinity, maybe he could spare a cold glass of ice tea.

The Jones boys spent Father’s Day together, along with Rick and Barb Jones, and probably Bruce’s son, Larry, and his family and Bruce’s daughter, too.

I had two special guest for Father’s Day, and plenty of extra loving. I baby-sat for my two great-grandchildren, Samantha Jo Gray, age six, and T. J. Proctor, who is five months old.

My granddaughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Tommy Proctor, went to the Reds baseball game since they were playing in town. It was too hot for Jennifer so she and Tommy came home.

Samantha didn’t like the idea of staying with me since I don’t have a swimming pool nor a hot tub, like her ma-ma, Kay Gray. I told her I could fix her a hot tub real fast, pour some water in a tub and let it get hot. She wouldn’t go for that idea.

My daughter, Kay Gray, has this little girl spoiled so bad. I am very proud my daughter has the finer things of life. I wouldn’t care if I lived somewhere so far back in the mountains that I still had an outhouse. I am still trying to talk Betty and Doyle Ison in letting me live in the back part of their land.

Ann and Johnny Calihan are trying to stay cool and to keep their garden watered. Ann’s family is planning a get-together July 8. I know they will have a great time. I guess I will have to crash that one, too.

The Letcher County Picnic at Harrison, Ohio, is Sept. 29 at the Harrison Community Center , 300 George St. , Harrison, Ohio. Please bring a picnic lunch, something to drink. There’s a real nice walking track around the Harrison Community Center, that I am becoming very acquainted with.

My grandson, C. J. Gray, and his fiancee, Shannon, are getting married in August, so I am trying to lose a little weight. Don’t won’t to look too much like a grandma! Just joking. I am proud to be a grandmother.

My sister, Loretta Church, is once again in Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. She may lose both her feet; she is a diabetic.

My brother, Jerry Hall, says he talks to Ray Boggs quite often. Hello, Ray, I am glad you enjoy my column.

My friend, Shirley Wells of Clarksville, Tenn. , spent the day fishing with her grandson, Tyler. Shirley really enjoyed the time they spend together.

My son, Keith, loves fishing. He very seldom gets to go as he works such long hours.

Gwen Huff Farmer sends a big howdy out to all her family wherever they are scattered.

Clayton Durham and the Bluegrass Addition Band played at the Picking for Memory Bluegrass Festival at Sparta. The crowd was small since it was Thursday. This was one of the best show I have ever seen the band do! Alan Burton’s dad, Carl Burton, sang bass, and he really added to the band’s harmony. I left my camcorder home, so all I have is a memory!

This was a beautiful day for a festival. Sparta Campgrounds is located three miles from the Kentucky Speedway!

I met a man from Letcher County, Robert Mullins from Camp Branch. I have known his wife, Alice, by sight for some time.

I talked to a guy who is from Leslie County, Watson Baker. He is from the Hyden and Thousand Sticks area. He said his motherin law, Mildred Baker, used to be the postmaster when a town was called Busy, and before that it was called Tooloose! This is close to Grassy Creek and Big Willard! Watson’s wife is named Doshia Baker, and Baker was her maiden name. They live in the Owenton area and she isn’t well so doesn’t travel too much. It was

Accepting applications

The June Buchanan School, a K-12 private, college-preparatory institution located on the campus of Alice Lloyd College, is accepting applications for the 2007-2008 school year. School will begin August 8. For more information, call (606) 368-6108 or (888) 280-4252. a pleasure listening to him. He has health problems, and you can tell by listening he and his wife both are good Christian people!

I also talked to Jackie Bowling. Her husband’s uncle is Tucker Deaton from Isom. Jackie wants me to tell everyone, June 30 there’s going to be a Bowlington reunion at Buckhorn Lake State Park for the people who had to leave this area. This event will be a celebration for the lost community which had to be replaced when they built Buckhorn Lake. They are naming a restaurant Bowlingtown Country Kitchen. Jackie said everyone is welcome. I forgot to ask her what time this would take place. It was getting late when I started to talk to her.

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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