Whitesburg KY

Letcher County picnic scheduled for Sept. 15

Northeast Ohio

Howdy and how be y’all? Hope the sun is shining down on all and all are well and happy.

I do believe I’m just about to get back to normal, (At this stage who knows what normal is?). We sure did enjoy the picnic and especially the company. I do so love having family around; I wish more lived closer.

We’ve been pretty busy taking care of garden produce, Besides canning seven quarts of beans, we put three gallon containers (for company) plus several small ones for us in freezer. We gave Billy Wayne and Redia a peck and just about keep a pot cooked. We made tomato juice and will have to make more tomorrow. For a small garden it has sure been productive.

Catharine got herself a job at Perkins Restaurant. She’s going to be a waitress like her mamaw. I wish I could be the one to train her.

Hello and many thanks to friend Nellie Banks in Bloomington, Ind. She sent me a beautiful blonde, barefoot country girl doll. I would like to say she looks like I used to, ain’t no way! She has long hair (mine was short), blue eyes (mine are also), bare feet (me too), but the big difference is a pretty face and that I didn’t have. Fact is, I have a picture of me at seven years of age and I really look like a pitiful orphan child. If I had the nerve I would have it printed in The Mountain Eagle. Someday I just might do so.

Hello to Oma Hatton and Rose Ballard Durham. Oma, I do hope you are well and pray your husband is doing well also. Rose, I was so sorry to read about your sister. I do hope she is mending well and in good spirits. My prayers and love go to both you ladies and your families.

The Letcher County picnic will be Sept. 15 instead of Sept. 8 as I said before. We usually have it on the second Saturday but seeing as how the month comes in on a Saturday, Sept. 8 is the first weekend and is Pioneer Days. Letcher County Day is the Saturday after. Sorry. Hope to see everyone there.

I haven’t talked to any family this week, but I did call Anna Lea on August. She and Red share a birthday. I do hope everyone is well and promise to be in touch soon.

School will soon start here in the Clearview District, but city schools start a bit later. Both our sons spent their entire school years in Clearview District. We have Vincent for the early grades, Durling Middle School and Clearview High School. Bob did go awhile to Lorain County Community College. Both did well for themselves (or so I think). Bill is an electrician and Bob owned his own business. I feel as though I do have some bragging rights.

Red got birthday cards from his sisters, Nina Hobbs in Jenkins, and Vera Mae Sowards in Pound, Va., and a call from his brother, Charles. Jean, I really didn’t mean to omit your name but think I mentioned it earlier. Yours was the first.

I haven’t given up on quilting, I just don’t seem to have as much time as I would like. I do have one almost ready for hemming and two in hoops in basement. There is quite a bit done on one but very little on the other one. It’s a top someone gave to Sarah and I want to get it finished soon. Guess I’m just getting slower. Think?

I gonna have to make this a short one as Catharine has a day off and I need to get this to her. I just talked to her and she just got a part-time job with a dog groomer. That girl sure ain’t letting no grass grow under her feet. I wish her well.

Y’all be good now. Have a peaceful day and watch out for the little ones on their way to and from school. See you in church, love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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