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Letcher County visit saddened by loss of a friend

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone!

Recently I loaded my car and headed for eastern Kentucky, the part of the world, I love so much! Those of you who travel back, I am sure you know the feeling just after you start to see the shape of the mountains start to form. I had taken a bunch of tapes and while listening to some music, I felt the cares of the world slip away.

I stopped at Letcher Manor to see my sister, Loretta Church, and my brother, Wallace Lee Hall. I called my brother, Richie Hall, and Wanda to tell them I would be heading their way.

The road across Cowan Mountain to Linefork, in some sections, I believe whoever laid out the plans had just seen a long black snake sizzling through the mountains and sketched the road. After a good visit with Wanda we took a drive. The stars must have decided to shine just so I could see them. We sat on the tailgate of Richie’s truck and all I wanted to do was lie down flat of my back and gaze at the until daylight. Only one thing, it soon got too cold so Wanda and I decided to go where it was warmer!

The next morning I went back to Letcher Manor to spend some time with Loretta and Wallace Lee. My peace of my mind suddenly came to a full halt as I was given some sad news.

A nurse told me the sweetest lady, to whom I have referred as Clayton’s and my little extra mountain mama, Alma Whitaker, had died. This lady has touched so many lives that I can’t do her justice in my column, so I will write a separate column in her memory. She deserves more than a few words from me. My heart has been with Alma’s family!

I spent a few hours with Loretta and Wallace Lee. I think I wore the shine off the floor as I made dozens of trips back and forth across the hall.

I really want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stops to see Loretta and Wallace Lee, and for the cards.

Levina Banks and Betty Bryant Kelly have been there a couple of times. Junior and Loraine Kuracka (Crockett) stop at least once a week. Junior is like one of the family; I don’t know what I would do with out him.

My sister-in-law, Wanda, visits when she is there. Richie can’t make it through the long hallway.

Hello to everyone at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. This is one of the cleanest nursing homes I have been to, and everyone is so kind to Loretta and Wallace Lee. Thanks

I went to church with Wanda. There were special singing with the Family Circle Band, also known as Granny and the Girls. I really enjoy going to this little church. Cassel Boggs is the preacher there. He and his wife, Opal, are always so nice, and then there’s the peanut butter fudge lady, Alma Tindle, and so many other nice people.

I spent some time with Richie, Wanda and Derrick, then headed back to Letcher Manor, I picked up my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall so they could go visit Loretta and Wallace Lee too.

Our uncle, Charles Barton, stopped by Letcher Manor to visit with us. He brought a beautiful woman, the late Ray Back’s wife. I believe her name is Beulah Back. She was there visiting another lovely woman, Irene Brown, along with Mildred Whitaker.

These beautiful ladies read my column and tell me they look forward to it each week.

I stopped in to see Greene Calihan Jr. Johnny and Ann Calihan and their daughter, Carol, and her husband, Jack, are visiting with Carol and Jack’s son, Lee, in Colorado. I don’t know if Colorado can stand three generations at one time! I am sure they are having a good time.

Gwen Huff Farmer had some excitement as a cougar tried to get her little kittens one night. I think Gwen and her son, Glen Farmer Jr., showed it that it wasn’t welcome there.

Belated happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Mattie Hall, Sept. 21. Mattie is known quite well for her duck call.

Loretta was sent to Lexington for some dental work. She didn’t have her medical records so she has to go back again.

My daughter, Angie Wiederhold, and baby Benjamin have both been very sick. A bug has bitten lots of people including me. I have been sick ever since I came back from the mountains.

My daughter, Kay Gray, and her husband, Clarence, spent several days in Mexico. Since Kay got home she has been very sick; she can’t speak above a whisper. Clarence says, “Hooray, peace and quiet!”

Thanks to all the phone calls from Polly Ann Ison Maucher, Eveeda Ison, Eva Knight, all of the Harrison, Ohio area; Annabelle Wright and Betty Kelly, telling me the news about Alma as no one knew I was going to the mountains. I wanted to stay for her funeral, however I had gone by myself and I didn’t want to travel back late at night.

Thanks to Alma’s granddaughter, Krissy Whitaker Meyer, for the sweet email making sure I knew about her grandmother.

Betty and Doyle Ison are finally able to go outside and enjoy their deck, since it has cooled a little.

Hello to Bruce and Levine Jones. Bruce and his brother stopped to speak to Richie for a few minutes. I didn’t recognize Bruce, or I would have asked if he was going to have chicken and dumplings for Sunday dinner.

My dear friend Shirley Wells, Gwen and I enjoyed an evening listening to Angie Hall on computer. Shirley got a new computer

and was still trying to figure out. Her grandson was anxiously waiting to get her old one.

I finally sent Shirley’s camera back to her. What has happened to our mail? It may as well be sent by Pony Express! It has been sent out over a week and Shirley still hasn’t gotten it. Now I know the meaning of snail mail!

This will be the last reminder for Sept. 29. Letcher County Day. Community Center. 300 George Street. Harrison, Ohio. 10 a.m.- ? Please bring a picnic lunch, and something to drink, maybe a lawn chair. 513 367-4682 if you need information.

Dovie Eldridge started this years ago. Let’s see if we can revive this and make Letcher County proud in this area!

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone that has been in touch with me. Lenna Sparkman Dixon from Lexington, and her husband and sisterin law, Dewilla Watts Sparkman, are planning to come. Dewilla is from the Linefork area They are planning on going to church at Bill Halcomb’s church in Goshen, Ohio, then a road trip to Pennsylvania to visit the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory among other places. Leanna says they have reservations at a very elite hotel. I tried to convince her that I wouldn’t take up much room. I even told her I would just layer my clothes as I got dressed so I could save space if she will take me with them.

Clarence Halcomb is home from the hospital and is doing great. Arlyn says he is out raking leaves. They are able once again to take the gristmill to Governor Bebb’s at Okenna, Ohio, I will have more on that next week.

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513- 367-4682.

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