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Letcher County will support Pike project

Signs of progress on several county projects will soon be as visible as the signs of spring.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, members of the Letcher Fiscal Court learned that a gravel pad to raise the base of the county recreation center out of the floodplain has been installed and will be leveled today (Wednesday), and they voted unanimously to place bids in The Mountain
for construction work on an ATV trailhead and RV park at Fishpond Lake. Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling read an ordinance to allow placement of the bid and the court voted unanimously to approve it. Judge/Executive Jim Ward said that EQT (formerly Equitable) has already done a good deal of construction in the area at no charge to the county to supply natural gas lines to the park and has supplied a good deal of gravel as well.

Judge Ward also told the court that EQT also supplied the gravel as part of a $50,000 donation to the county for building a base to make certain the new county recreation center will be out of the floodplain. While discussing payment of a $75 approval fee to the Letcher County Health Department for the construction plan, Ward said that EQT’s donation provided for the entire cost of a “huge pile of gravel” used for the base.

The court also voted unanimously to support an application from the Pike County Fiscal Court for up to $300,000 in multi-county coal severance funds to allow for use of “fill” from mining and road jobs to construct an industrial park on the US 460 Corridor Development Project. Second District Magistrate Archie Banks told the court the Pike County court has been supportive of every multi-county project Letcher County has proposed and moved to support its application.

The court also voted to adopt 20 roads into the county road plan. Judge Ward said there are some questions as to the accuracy of the several “Road Books” currently in use, including a Kentucky River Area Development District (KRADD) book from the early 1990s and the county book. He said that straightening out the books to have one accurate one will require a lot of work in the county deeds office and on roads, but it is important and should have been accomplished years ago. County Attorney Bolling said there are a lot of questions about the accuracy of the KRADD book and that when it is made right he believes it will add more roads to the county’s roads.

The roads adopted into the county road plans are:

Drewsam Road; Raisin Road; Ring Drive; Reedy Coal; McCloud Drive; Slingshot Road; Sugartree Gap; Galloway Acres; Angler Road; Cougar Drive; Midway Drive; Autumn Winds Lane; Casper Lane; Pit Lane; Jordan Lane; Helms Deep; Professor Drive; Mountain Laurel Trail; Bamboo Avenue, and Sandstone Road.

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