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Letcher deeds available online

A Texas company is moving Letcher County’s 19th and 20th Century deeds into a 21st Century database that can be viewed anywhere in the world.

Letcher County’s deeds have been digitized for years, but people who wanted to view them had to physically be in the deed vault to use the computer system to access the records.

Now Kofile, which bought the original company that digitized the deeds, is adding new features to the system, and is storing copies of the deeds off site so if anything were to happen to the courthouse, deeds, leases, fiscal court records, and other information would not be lost or destroyed. The company is also providing an online serve through on which people researching property or other records in Letcher County can access the deeds without ever leaving home.

“You can sign up by the day, week or month, and stay in your office in Lexington or Louisville or whatever, and print the deeds the same as if you were in the courthouse,” Clerk Winston Meade said.

The service is run by the company, not the clerk. Currently, the clerk’s office every record printed there, one of the ways it earns money that goes to pay operating expenses. With the new system, it still earns a fee from the company for every deed printed.

In order to search for a deed in Letcher County online, a computer must connect to the Internet and go to psearch. kofile.us/letcherky, create an account and start searching.

Subscriptions range from $10 for one day to $40 per month, $100 for three months, and $180 for six months.

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