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Letcher Homemakers Club has many new members


Nov. 10 was the Thanksgiving dinner and November meeting for the Letcher Area Homemakers. Our club has grown to the point that we met at the County Extension Office in Whitesburg. We have gotten many new members in the last couple of years, and have outgrown meeting in our homes like we used to.

Ethel Morris, down in Florida, would be proud to see that we have had a resurgence of new members, and we are still doing a lot of helpful and interesting things, plus enjoying a lot of good meals.

We had an abundance of food that day and invited the Extension Office staff to eat with us. We also had a few visitors enjoying our dinner. We missed Danna Smith, who had a virus and couldn’t be with us, and all the others who couldn’t attend.

Anna Lou Blair has been visiting her sister and brother, Lilly Moss Hale and Tommy Harris Smith, and others here at Jeremiah recently.

We hope Susie Raglin is feeling better. She recently had a skin cancer removed, and may have to go back for more surgery.

A while back, Berma W. Matthews visited family in Michigan. She visited with her sister Muriel Garza, brother-in-law Doug Adkins, niece Paula Adkins, and cousin Shelia Smith, and enjoyed her time with family.

In October, Berma’s brother Olan Whitaker visited here, and they went to the Smoky Mountains, and also took a ride across Little Shepherd Trail.

Linda and Betty Hatton recently took a tour bus trip to New Orleans, La. They got together with Sandy and Karen Adams of Corbin, and took the trip. They toured the French Quarter, sampled the New Orleans cuisine, and the bus went to other places of interest, but I forget where else they went. ‘Oh, well.’ All enjoyed the tour.

The Blackey Presbyterian Church will have its Christmas bazaar and auction on Nov. 21 from 4 to 6 p.m. There will also be a chili and hot-dog dinner. All are welcome to attend.

We hope Robert Holcomb of Isom is doing better after his recent hospital stay. He had a bad case of bronchitis, and stayed a couple of nights in the hospital.

Mattie Lou Blair was having some surgery, and hopefully it went well. We wish her good results from the biopsy.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to come by and help or bring food for the Travis Morton fund-raiser dinner on Nov. 20. The soup bean dinner will be held at the Blair Branch Church, and it’s a community effort, so everyone can help if they want to.

Quite a few of area folks have been to Lexington to check on Phillip McIntosh of Redfox in Knott County. He is another young man battling cancer. He is the son of the late Ray McIntosh, and his mother is Vera Adams, who used to work at the IGA produce department. He is a patient at the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky Hospital, and was doing some better last Sunday.

My cousin Barry Marshall has been in a hospital in Columbus, Oh. He had surgery there before being released to go back home to Wheelersburg, Oh. Bill and Elva Pridemore Marshall keep family back here informed about his condition, and we pray the surgery helped him.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore’s granddaughter Christy is having complications with her pregnancy, and Gary and Becky Pridemore have been doing all they can to help Christy and her husband during this troubling time. Becky is taking her to her doctor’s appointments in Kingsport and Johnson City in Tennessee, where she is seeing a specialist. We pray that she and the baby can be OK.

Last week Bob, Kenny Joe and I took Don and Coreen Pridemore with us to Barren River State Park near Glasgow. We fished a little, and walked the trails and along the lake’s edge. It was a pretty good trip, except Dad didn’t feel well after we got there, which concerned us. He was going to the doctor to see if he had a sinus infection, or maybe an abscessed tooth.

Ending on a good note, we are happy that Richard Smith joined the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church last Sunday. I’m not sure when he will be baptized, but everyone who knows Richard will be happy for him.We’re also thankful that his recent tests came back good when he went to Lexington for his doctor’s appointment.

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