Whitesburg KY

Letcher man to field team in ‘CBL’ basketball league

Shane Holbrook is proud to bring the Letcher County Miners Community Basketball Leagues (CBL) team to the area.

“I was born and raised here in Letcher County, and I want to give my community something positive and exciting to root for,” Holbrook says.

“I love the game of basketball and I’ve been playing all my life,” Holbrook added. “I had hopes of playing professionally until I got injured. Since I’m not able to play at the same level I used to play, instead of walking away from basketball, I wanted to stay connected to the game in a meaningful way.”

That’s when Holbrook started to investigate the possibility of starting his own amateur basketball league. While researching his options, he discovered the CBL, a nationwide community basketball league.

Holbrook said the league will provide “talented local athletes with playing opportunities and exposure that they would not have otherwise gotten.”

CBL owners are preparing their teams for the 2014 season. The CBL’s website is www.cblhoopsusa.net.

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