Whitesburg KY

Letcher natives have been returning to the mountains

Big Cowan

Hello! My family was in from Indiana over the weekend. They built me some new front porch steps and washed the house down. I guess the next job will be to paint the house.

I am in the house but I don’t think I will ever get unpacked completely. I have the main things I need. The rest can wait.

Don’t you just love this cool weather we are having lately? I know I sure do.

I have a couple more birthdays to report, Pam (Fields) Taylor, August 12, hope you had a good one, and her daughter, Sierra Dollarhide, turned 14 on August 15. Hope you had fun, young lady.

Well, it’s almost that time of year when the kids go back to school. With all the excitement they don’t always pay attention to us, the drivers, so we need to slow down and look out for them. It only takes a second and several lives could be ruined. So please drive safely!

Henrietta and Jim Howard’s grandson turned one year old on August 14. Happy birthday!

Seems like a lot of us former Letcher Countians are moving back to the mountains. Recently Bobby Conn Fields moved back here to his homeplace but still works in Tennessee. Lorene (Dollarhide) moved back from Ohio. Velda and Elmer Fraley have a home here. They were in this past weekend from Ohio. Tommy Fields moved back here awhile back from Greenfield, Ind. Sam Fields moved back years ago from Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Seems like as we get older there’s nothing like relaxing and enjoying the hills, sounds of the critters, talking to old and new friends. We should all get together and have a big old hootenanny at the community center. Seems like it would be a lot of fun. Sam might get these chicken ‘n’ dumplings after all.

Everyone that stops by tells me how good it is to see people sitting on my front porch. They said not too many people do that anymore. I need a few more rocking chairs so more people can sit and talk about old times. I am like my daddy. I can talk to anyone about anything. God gave me the gift of gab and I do plenty of it.

My sister, Kathy, is feeling much better and Eddie has had the stomach flu. He had to postpone his doctor’s appointment about his elbow. Hopefully he gets better soon.

My aunt, Nova Fields, had cancer in her right breast and has to go for chemo. Please remember her in your prayers.

My cousin, Emma, printed me off some pictures of some of the old preachers, Bethel Turner and Brewie Fouts. I loved to hear both of them when I was a child. They would come to the Holiness Church on Cowan. Also, she printed me a picture of Lewis Adams and Elmo Day. I already had a picture of Jim Scott, Riley Fouts. Those were the days and we heard a lot of good preaching. I have pictures of some of the services that took place in the Obie Fields Cemetery under the big maple tree. I can remember those days. If anyone would like to share, please stop by at 6691 Highway 931 S or call me at 633-04439. Love to hear from any of you.

I would like to tell Mrs. Preston of Little Cowan “hi”. As my first grade and second grade teacher, she was one of the biggest influences in my life and I will never forget her. Have a great day, Mrs. Preston. You touched a lot of lives. Of all the students that you taught over the years, none of the ones I know have ever said anything bad about you.

Sam Fields finally brought down a picture of my grandpa, Willie Fields, that I had never seen. He was dead before I was born and I had never seen a picture of him. I was allowed to scan it and my cousin, Emma, was able to zoom in on him and make the picture of him more visible. This was the most precious thing to me. Silver or gold could not have been as precious as this. Thanks, Sam, I really appreciate it.

Sam was right. He said Grandpa Willie favored my Uncle Isom, who is very handsome if I must say so.

Well, enough about memory lane. Until next week, everyone had a blessed week.

Thought for the week: Don’t let your worries get the best of you; remember Moses started out as a basket case.

My cousin, Audrey (Maggard) Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., had a stent put in her heart and her husband, Charles, had a stent put in his leg. Wish both of them a speedy recovery.

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