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Letcher School looking for recipes for cookbook


There were three birthdays put in wrong in my last column, so happy birthday to Erin Gibson of London on August 26, Shelly Smith of Letcher on August 29, and Allen Fugate of Blackey also on August 29.

Letcher Elementary School is still wanting people to give them recipes for the cookbook they are putting together for the school’s 50th anniversary. They don’t need anymore dessert recipes because they have too many, they need main dish, veggie, bread, soup and salad recipes. You can email them to sararebecca@hotmail.com or drop them off at the school.

Happy birthday to Dylan Blair of Dry Fork. He was 2 on August 30. He is the son of Bill and Brittany Blair. His older sister Karli and their mom Brittany attended a Jonas Brothers concert in Lexington a couple of weeks ago. They went down on Sunday and came back Monday. And happy anniversary to Bill and Brittany; it was their sixth on August 23.

Happy birthday to Gage Caudill of Spring Branch. He turned 6 on August 26. He is the son of Matt and Reanna Caudill and the grandson of Alan and Linda Bates of Elk Creek and Margie Caudill of Spring Branch. He had a transformer party at Pizza Hut.

Happy anniversary to Michael and Alan Jo Whitaker Couch of Blair Branch. It was their ninth on August 13.

Happy birthday to my niece Shanna Fugate Adams of Carcassonne. It is on Sept. 4.

Lois Smith of Caudills Branch is still in Pikeville Hospital but is doing better now. She had a rough time there for awhile and will have a long recovery.

My mom Jean Blair had to be taken to the emergency room. She couldn’t stop coughing and they said she had bronchitis and nothing much was given to help her so she had to go back to the doctor the next day. She is still coughing a lot from it.

Mark Kincaid is still in a hospital in Tennessee. He had to have surgery about three weeks ago. He had a aneurysm in his head and he is still not doing too well. His son Jake was in a car wreck at Vicco at the same time and spent time in a Lexington hospital with facial injuries. He is out but has to go for more surgery. The family appreciates everyone’s prayers.

Sylvania Whitaker of Blair Branch may be having some rejection with her kidney transplant. Her doctor said there may also be some damage, but her daughter Opal Jent said she was feeling OK. I wish her the best.

Tara Couch of Linefork is back in the hospital. She hadn’t been out long, she was in for about two weeks. They are not sure what is causing her to be so sick so they may be sending her to Lexington. She is the daughter of Roger and Dena Couch.

Happy birthday to Allen Jent. It is on Sept. 5. He is the son of David and Opal Jent of Carcassonne.

My sympathy to the family of Arnold Campbell of Indianapolis. He died last week. He was the brother of Martha Burns of Blackey. He is being brought back here to be buried at Blackey.

Happy anniversary to Paul and Michelle Wilder of Crases Branch. It was their 19th on August 29.

My sympathy to the family of Debra Lynn Combs Bingham of Hazard. She died on August 26 from injuries from a wreck she was in. Debra was 52. Her daughter Erin Bingham Stump lives on Elk Creek with her husband Chris and their baby girl Shelby Lynn, Erin is also expecting a baby boy soon.

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