Whitesburg KY

Letcher soldier’s actions saved lives

A Letcher County soldier was honored for the bravery he exhibited during the D-Day invasion of Germanoccupied France on June 6, 1944.

U.S. Army Private Carl Sergent of Democrat was presented with the Bronze Star after participating in military operations against an armed enemy near Verville-sur-Mer, France on D-Day.

“Private Sergent, an assistant tank driver, landed on the invasion coast or Normandy, France during the morning of the first day of the allied assault,” the Army said. “The beach was under heavy enemy artillery, mortar and machine gun fire. After knocking out an enemy pill-box, Private Sergent dismounted from his tank, without regard for his personal safety, and worked for about an hour under constant enemy fire as he directed the hooking of towing cables to beach obstacles in order that the area could be cleared.

“By his courageous action, he made a valuable contribution toward the success of the operation. Such service is meritorious of great praise.”

Sergent was a member of the 741st Tank Battalion. He received the Bronze Star during a ceremony held in November 1945.

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