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Letcher students at UK

12 from county named to school’s Dean’s List

Students from Letcher County have different reasons for choosing the University of Kentucky but every reason relates back to their home in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

“I decided to come to UK because I always thought Lexington was a nice city and it was a good distance away from home to where I had to be independent and on my own,” said Cassidy Breeding, a freshman student in her second semester on campus. “It was still close enough to where I could always go home if I need to.”

Courtney Tucker, a senior special educations major, chose UK because it’s a tradition in her family to attend the university.

“I have also been a Cats fan my entire life,” said Tucker. “It seems only fitting to attend my family’s alma mater.”

Fifty-six students from Letcher County are enrolled at UK this semester, according to UK’s Institutional Research & Advanced Analytics. Forty-two of the 56 are undergraduate students. Many students transferred to UK from another college.

“The people here are polite and the professors are welcoming and really work hard to help their students so they can do well. I love it here,” said Brittany Wright, a pre-vet major and transfer student from West Virginia University.

The number of Letcher County students taking UK classes has increased since 2013. Fifty students were enrolled in spring 2013, followed by 54 in the 2014 spring semester and 56 in spring of 2015.

“I love the beautiful campus, the close bond I have with my department of study and that everyone here bleeds blue,” said Tucker. “I love how close the Big Blue Nation is. No matter where you are, if you’ve attended the university in the past, present or future, there is a bond between you and everyone who attends UK.”

Students are not “just a number” at UK. The professors step out of their way to not only make sure each student learns but they also want to know you personally too.

“People told me that when going to the University of Kentucky that I would be just a number,” said Breeding. “I know that I’m not just a number. The professors here really genuinely care about their students and really try to get to know each of us.”

Twelve Letcher County students at UK made the Dean’s List in the fall semester of 2015. Those students are Sara Baker, Mercedes Boggs, Cassidy Breeding, Keisten Collins, James Craft, Isaac Gover, Zachary Joseph, Michael Kelly, David Mullins, Joel Murtaugh, Danielle Powell and Erica Webb.

Letcher County students at UK have a home away from home.

They see blue. They bleed blue.

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