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Letcher teachers can apply for PRIDE grants

Teachers in Letcher County can apply for environmental education funds, thanks to a grant given by the Appalachian Regional Commission to Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc.

The PRIDE Environmental Education Contract program is open to schools, nonformal educators and nonprofit organizations from designated counties of southern and eastern Kentucky.

Applicants can receive up to $1,500 for environmental education projects, plus an additional $250 to operate a service-oriented PRIDE Club.

The funds will pay for a variety of activities that promote awareness of the importance of a clean environment, personal responsibility and community pride. For example, a school could use its contract to build an outdoor classroom, train teachers or stock an aquaculture program.

“We are pleased to offer this opportunity to educators, and we appreciate the confidence shown by the ARC in this PRIDE program,” said Tammie Wilson, President/Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc.

“PRIDE has been supporting teachers as they teach good stewardship for 16 years now,” Wilson said. “We have funded projects — from greenhouses to recycling programs — that served more than 650,000 students over the years. Those students are becoming the leaders of our communities, and they are well prepared to care for our natural resources.”

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc., agrees and warrants that 66 percent of the program will be financed by federal funding with the remaining 34 percent financed by state and local resources. Total project cost is $266,501, of which $175,000 will be funded by ARC.

The deadline to submit an application is Oct. 4.

The application and program information can be requested by calling the PRIDE office, toll free, at 888-577-4339.

The application and program information also are available online at http:// kypride.org/?p=1178.

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