Whitesburg KY

Let’s control our own future

Eastern Kentucky should form its own public corporation to sell power

To the Editor:

There is an old saying, “When one door closes, another one opens”.

The people of eastern Kentucky have been waiting for over 100 years for Moses to lead his people to the promised land. Well, Moses has arrived. He or she is located in Blackey, Hindman, McRoberts, Hazard, Whitesburg and any other location in eastern Kentucky. We just have to band together and solve our problems.

The coal business in eastern Kentucky is in a severe slump.

Now is the time to change our future by creating a public corporation, owned by the people of eastern Kentucky. Stock in the corporation would be sold to the people of eastern Kentucky.

The corporation would build electrical power plants in eastern Kentucky. These plants would use coal to generate electricity and produce other byproducts.

The electrical generating plants would take coal and break it down into methane gas (CH4) coke, tar and other byproducts. The methane gas (CH4) is then used to power gas turbine generators, producing electricity. The electricity will be shipped out to the areas that need energy.

This type of power plant would be environmentally safer. We would then train our people to run the plants and train engineers to make our plants safer and better for the environment. In the future, our people could make a process to convert methane gas (CH4) into hydrogen gas, which will be burned and produce water as a byproduct.

The corporation would encourage the use of more electricity, such as electric cars, hybrid cars and the use of electric roads, where electric cars and hybrid cars would receive electric power from cables buried in the road.

The people of eastern Kentucky would benefit from the corporation by controlling their own future. They would have jobs in the mines. They would have jobs operating the power plants, the byproducts plants, and other related plants. The people would receive the profits from these plants. The people in eastern Kentucky would benefit from this corporation, not people in New York, Pittsburgh or Chicago.

The future is ours, if we want it.


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