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Let’s remember Ralph Hall by continuing his work for people

Ralph Hall was a friend of mine for more than 50 years. He was a friend to many in our community and will be missed by all of us.

Ralph’s life was extraordinary. It was one of recovery, redemption and reward. His main missions were his family, his leadership at the Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinic and the Isom Medical Clinic, the Kids Christmas Program at Leatherwood/Blackey Clinic, Forgiven Ministries, and substance use disorder treatment.

Ralph was involved in many things. He played many roles in many people’s lives and our charge as his friends will be to carry on these important missions that he developed.

Ralph worked for Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation for over 30 years; from working in medical records, to serving as clinic administrator. Ralph was the Clinic Administrator at the Leatherwood/Blackey Clinic in Cornettsville and also the Isom Medical Clinic in Isom. Ralph devoted his life to making healthcare a priority to those in our area, and also making sure we provide the best healthcare available to those patients.

Ralph was loved by his community and patients, and would meet them with a smile on his face and handshake as they approached the clinic. Ralph did an outstanding job in improving the healthcare in both areas, in Cornettsville and in Isom. He was also very dedicated to the Children’s Christmas Program held each year at the Leatherwood/Blackey Clinic. This program serves 200 children each Christmas, providing them with a Christmas that they could not possibly have without this program.

Ralph was the presiding pastor at Forgiven Ministries. His wife was very dedicated to him and loved him dearly. It will be difficult to continue without him, but they know that the will of the Lord we follow, and His will was that Ralph goes on to heaven and they will begin to rebuild and continue the ministry that Ralph developed.

Ralph worked hard with his flock, as he led multiple services through the week. He was always ready to pray with anyone, willing to witness and testify to his love of the Lord and the need for everyone to be saved and have everlasting life. His members have pledged to continue his ministries and we hope as friends of Ralph Hall that you will see forth to help anyway possible to make sure that Ralph’s mission of this ministry will continue.

Ralph struggled with substance abuse disorder as a young man. He underwent recovery and was able to free himself of the holds of alcohol and drugs. He readily witnessed to those who were in his power of how they could transform their lives and become whole again and not be controlled by these substances. Ralph worked hard at Forgiven Ministries to make sure that those who were in addiction and recovery felt welcome in his church. He also made sure that those same people were welcome as patients at the Leatherwood/Blackey Clinic and Isom Clinic to receive help and recovery.

Ralph was a vital member of our HEAL (Help End Addiction for Life) Program and served as the leader of the Perry County HEAL chapter. He was responsible for developing one of the first drug take back programs in eastern Kentucky. He worked with patients and community members to remove left over prescription opioids from their medicine cabinet and dispose of them properly. This was done so that some young person could not find them in a medicine cabinet at home and fall into the scourge of addiction. Ralph held quarterly meetings in Perry County and has worked to develop a very strong HEAL Program in Perry County to help people to recover from addiction.

Ralph redeemed himself from his struggle with addiction by being a role model. He used his testimony as an example of overcoming addiction and restoring your life. He felt rewarded by helping people who were addicted turn to the Lord and restore their lives.

As friends of Ralph Hall we ask you to help continue supporting the important programs that Ralph started; whether with a kind word, helpful gesture or a donation we encourage you to help anyway you can.

We are setting up a GoFundMe Page titled ‘Ralph Hall Christmas for Kids Christmas.’

You can also mail your contributions to: ‘Ralph Hall Children Christmas Program,’ c/o Leatherwood/ Blackey Medical Clinic, 464 Kentucky Highway 699, Cornettsville, KY 41731.

Please be assured that ALL donations and help will go to make this program be the best. No money will be taken for administrative charges; all proceeds go to the kids.

I am glad I knew Ralph Hall, and called him a friend. My life has been forever changed by knowing him.

(Dr. Van S. Breeding practices medicine at Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation clinics in Whitesburg and elsewhere in eastern Kentucky.)

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