Whitesburg KY

Letters, cards brighten up everyone’s day


Hello everyone – I hope everyone is staying healthy. Social distancing seems to be the way of life for all of us, especially with the extension until the end of April.

It’s April Fool’s Day and it would be nice if this virus was just a joke. It seems to get scarier every day. I watched a little of “60 Minutes” on Sunday and there was a comment about how the feeling of being vulnerable is the scary part. I agree with that.

I have enjoyed the three days of 80-degree temperatures. It made for a good weekend. We took the side-by-side up the gas well road and drove around for a little bit. We did see a cousin, Harold Day, while we were there. The weather was perfect and such great views from there.

As we were coming off the hill, we could see a couch that someone had thrown over the side of the hill off the gravel road. I sure hope people don’t turn the Town Hill area into a garbage dump. It’s a gorgeous place.

I wrote letters to my nieces and nephews this past week. I have 11 total. They were quick little letters and I hope they enjoy getting mail. One of my cousins, Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg, sent me a letter this week. It was great getting a letter from her. Back when we were in grade school, we would write each other letters quite often. We would even make up secret codes to write the letters and enclose the key to the code with the letter. Going back to letter writing is something to do during our stayat home time. Letters and cards brighten up everyone’s day.

John, Mike, and I are still playing Catan every evening. The dogs, Buddy and Lady, are always sitting around the table while we play. We have our daily routine. John and Mike did mow the yards during the week. It looks so much better and I enjoy the smell of cut grass even though it makes me cough.

I do watch Governor Andy Beshear’s daily message. He does have a presence about him that makes you feel secure. I did enjoy the song that written and sung by Chelsea Nolan. It was called “Andy’s Got His Blue Jeans On”. It was funny.

Please be aware of the scams that are going on. I just read a new one about people calling and offering to get groceries and wanting bank information. With the upcoming stimulus monies coming in, there will be a lot of scams going on. Never give out any personal information.

A lot of vacation plans have been canceled. I’ve heard of trips to Europe, Florida, Vegas, and Tennessee being canceled. I have crossed out plans on my calendar. My cousin, Debbie Vice, said she likes having something to look forward to and there’s nothing on her calendar for now. I agree with her as I like having something to look forward to.

The social media quote of the week is attributed to Anna Perevia. “Detours in life may lead us to discovering places we never knew we loved. Embrace detours.”

If you have any news, please email CowanNews@aol.com.

Have a wonderful week and stay healthy. Don’t forget to social distance.

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