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Letting off a little steam

Now if that don’t knock your hat in the creek. Someone done and went and put cockleburs in my bed.

I didn’t sleep worth a nickel last night. Course I ain’t worth 13 cents anyway, even on my best days. Some days, like today for instance, I just feel like bellyaching about something, anything. Did you ever have days like that?

It really don’t do any good to bellyache about anything but it helps the morale to let off a little steam now and then, at least it makes me feel better. But like I said, it really don’t do a smidgen of good.

Anyway, as I was saying, I feel like letting off a little steam and I’ll start by griping about the gas prices bounding up and down like a yo-yo. If they would bring some of those supertankers in to shore that are sitting out in the gulf with their crews just lollygagging and getting fat, we would have a lot more gas and at a cheaper price.

Speaking of a cheaper price — or should I say price? — just why do they always put that nine-tenths onto the price? It would be a lot better to just round it off to the nearest cent. It wouldn’t look half as ignorant, and with those digital pumps you really don’t know if you are gaining any ground or not.

What always gets my dander up is when a pump says 6 to 10 cents as soon as it is turned on and I haven’t even touched the thing much less put any gas in my vehicle.

Another thing I try to stay out of if at all possible is a convenience store, or market if you will. When it says convenience that is just what it is because its convenient not economical because instead of the customary 20 to 25 percent markup or profit margin it will far exceed that in most instances.

My wife stopped at one to get me some of my type of smokeless tobacco. She asked the clerk if they had it and the clerk said they did and put it in a bag. She paid for it and when she got home she left it on the table. She got it between 2 and 2:15 p.m. and when I decided to sample some of it, it was the wrong type. I took it back to the place it was bought and asked to exchange it and was informed they didn’t sell that type. I asked for a refund and was told to come back when the clerk who had sold it was on duty. It was bought about 2 or 2:15 p.m. and when I showed up at 4:20 p.m. a different clerk was on duty. I asked when the preceding clerk or cashier would be back on duty and was informed that they couldn’t give out that information.

In other words, once they got their grubby paws on your money you just as well go somewhere else and soak your elbow because there are no refunds with no consideration of satisfying a customer. Either the preceding clerk couldn’t read or thought a sale was more important than a satisfied customer who would likely return to buy many times in the future.

We don’t need people with an attitude in Letcher County or anywhere else for that matter. I have no intention of setting foot in that place again. I was a customer often but after that round of deception I will do my business elsewhere. But I did return the following day and the manager was there. I traded the tobacco for something I could use by paying an extra $4.26.

A customer should always be considered an important part of any business since they are who keeps a business out of the red.

Another gripe of mine is to go into a store to purchase a specific item advertised in their sales brochure and be informed that they are all sold out and don’t offer a rain check. They figure if they can get you into their establishment you are sure to buy something before you leave — right. Wrong, because I usually just make a hasty exit and take my butter and egg money elsewhere, like down on the funny farm.

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