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Lexington Cemetery is beautiful place to walk

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Rose Ballard and her 10-year-old grandson, Kyle Nottingham, walk under the weeping cherry trees at Lexington Cemetery.

Rose Ballard and her 10-year-old grandson, Kyle Nottingham, walk under the weeping cherry trees at Lexington Cemetery.

Hello everyone! At the present time of this writing the air sure has turned nippy in this corner of the Ohio Valley area Although it is beautiful to look out the window. The sky is so blue with an overflow of snow white fluffy clouds with an overtone of dark-looking storm clouds.

At least we haven’t had tornadoes or flooding as so many states are having.

My heart is breaking as different one have posted pictures of what is happening in the mountain areas of Letcher County, to see the swollen rivers out of banks destroying homes and the roads. So far I am thankful I haven’t heard of anyone having lost their life.

Honestly, I think every time I get the longing to head for the hills I call home, it comes a hard rain.

I am trying to wait until the redbuds start blooming, if I can convince my feet to stay put.

Friday night, the northern Kentucky area had high wind, which took off a section of gutter and raised a small portion of the corner of the roof at my daughter Anna Nottingham’s house. Scott and Anna and kids slept through it.

Beechwood High Theatre Department presented “The Sound of Music”. Katie Nottingham, daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, granddaughter of Rose Ballard, is in the center.

Beechwood High Theatre Department presented “The Sound of Music”. Katie Nottingham, daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, granddaughter of Rose Ballard, is in the center.

Anna was researching something and found a Ben Franklin’s Five and Dime Store on line. When she asked me if I wanted to go, I replied yes, except I didn’t know what Ben Franklin was. Anna laughed and said yes you do, it’s the old fashioned five and ten cent store.

Saturday when I got to Anna’s, as I walked in the door she held out her cell phone, showing a picture of some beautiful trees, saying I had a choice of either going to the Ben Franklin store or to see some beautiful foliage.

I quickly replied the store would be there, the trees wouldn’t last. We set out on a day trip that will last in my memory for years.

Somehow, without Anna knowing it, a beautiful website had appeared automatically on Anna’s cell phone of the scenery at Lexington Cemetery.

I traveled Airport Road and Newton Pike to get to the VA hospital two years, never realizing what I was missing.

Lexington Cemetery is just a hop and jump from I-75. It is an hour’s drive from Anna’s, worth every mile and every bit of time.

As you enter the gates to the cemetery, you are greeted by the beautiful office building with a variety of tulips along the wall, then a vison of beauty opens before your eyes and continues for the entire drive from the beginning to the end of your journey.

In one section there are roadblocks on each end of the road, which consists about a block long. Visitors can walk to enjoy the beautiful weeping cherry trees on both sides of the road.

Another section had brilliant forsythias and daffodils. The yellow was so bright that it looked like a painting. Tulips dotted the base of the headstones along with several bunches of a variety of crocus.

Every place you looked was beauty to behold. I’ve been to the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, andI thought it was beautiful, but there has never been anything that can compare to the beauty of Lexington Cemetery. Well, when I travel to the mountains the view of the redbud trees and dogwoods sure is a kind of beauty that will always be favorite.

It was such a joyful day to spend with Anna and Kyle, who is so good to hold my hand and make sure he helps me up and down a step.

After returning from our trip to Lexington, Katie’s Winter Guard had a small recital, that was great.

Katie is involved in Bowling Winter Guard, and so many things, including working part time, along with not much time even to eat.

Something happened at practice that has never happened before. Katie went into a panic attack and couldn’t breathe. Anna was sitting in the audience, and she said it was a scary time seeing Katie.

Beechwood High School theatre department presented “The Sound of Music”. Katie is involved in this group.

“The Sound of Music” could be seen online, and it was magnificent watching the group. Katie wore a turquoise dress which stood out from the other colors, and everyone did such an awesome performance.

Katie is a junior at Beechwood. She has finally chosen what she wants to be when finished with school.

For some time Katie has discussed the desire to go into the Navy and become a nurse. Now Katie has changed direction as she has been in touch with West Point.

Katie will fill out an application in November. The only thing, it is really hard to be accepted as there is just a certain percentile that gets in. If accepted, Katie will still fulfill her desire of becoming a nurse, just in the Army.

Katie could have gone to Western University taking the last two years of high school along with college courses. Katie declined the offer as she wanted to stay home to finish at Beechwood High School with band, etc.

To say I am proud of my grandchildren is such an understatement.

Belated happy birthday to three members of my little mountain mama Alma Whitaker’s family, Mary Whitaker Halcomb, Wendell Whitaker, and I surely couldn’t forget to say happy birthday to Woody Whitaker, as all three of the Whitakers shared birthdays just a few days apart this week.

Belated happy birthday to my daughter Angie Wiederhold on March 23, and my son Keith Ballard March 29.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb and their grandson Mike. I hope everyone is safe from the water.

Bernice, you made me very hungry with your pickled eggs on the computer. I guess the saying is true, you can take the girl out of the mountains, you can’t take the mountains out of this girl. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be able to eat pickled corn.

Hello Mike and Marcia Caudill, yes I am still miss seeing you, and am missing Campbell’s Branch and Carcassonne Community Center, especially the square dances.

Les and Pat Wagner, I was hoping to see you soon, doesn’t look like it is going to happen.

Until next time.

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