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Mostly clear

Life in a one-room school

Once again I round up a sheet or two of what was once a part of a living tree.

Next I rummage through my personal effects until I come up with a pen. Now that I have successfully rounded up the necessities, I shall attempt to put on paper what is wandering around in my mind of a little one-room school of long ago.

We didn’t have all the devil’s toys and temptations to deal with back then. Life was hard but simple and a lot more enjoyable. We had to more or less invent our ways to have a good time during recess and lunchtime.

Some of the games we played could be quite a danger if we miscalculated, and I often found myself in discomfort for a spell because I was — and still I am — clumsy and not very well coordinated.

But by the grace of God I have lived to an old age.

At school we played such games as ‘springboard,’ ‘seesaw,’ ‘marbles,’ ‘jump rope,’ ‘dodge ball,’ ‘Annie over,’ and softball.

There were others, but some escape my memory at present.

The teachers were there to teach and put in many, many long hours to be able to earn their degree to be able to teach, and they expected the pupils to do their best.

All any teacher expected of a student was to pay attention and do their best.

But there, as in larger schools, were some who couldn’t seem to focus their attention on the task at hand.

Nobody had very much money, and there was no lunchroom or fancy meals, only rough grub brought from home in a paper bag or lard bucket. Everyone was treated as equals and nobody felt out of place if they brought their lunch in a lard bucket.

Back then, a child was as satisfied with a piece of meat or homemade jelly stuffed into a home thrown biscuit as a child is today with a cheeseburger. Or maybe some soup beans or milk and bread in a lard pail was just as good.

Time for school to dismiss for the day, so I had better head back to the funny farm until next time.

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