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Life is too short for fighting, holding grudges

Big Cowan

Pictured are three Whitesburg Middle School basketball players. From left to right are Creed Warf, Parker Williams and Zack Hensley.

Pictured are three Whitesburg Middle School basketball players. From left to right are Creed Warf, Parker Williams and Zack Hensley.

Hello everyone. Hope all is well.

I have been busy. Last week I went to a funeral and visitation for my childhood friend and cousin, Claudette Halcomb Shively, in Hindman, then on Thursday, Nov. 29, my first cousin, Billy Ray Maggard Sr., died in Columbus, Ind.

We left on Saturday morning to be at the funeral visitation Sunday night, and at the funeral on Monday.

I saw several people from the Old Regular Baptist Church, several of his neighbors, co-workers and friends. Some of his relatives were also there, Jamie and Mary Maggard, their daughter Cindy and her husband, and their daughter Daisy and Terry Boggs, Atha Fields, Teresa Sturgill, Keith and Cathy Boggs, and Diana Gilley. Bill Halcomb of Linefork was there, and Doug and Vonn Gibson, James and Cheryl Everidge, David Henry Ison and his wife, Virginia Gilley, her daughter Pam and Pam’s daughter, Emma Lou Day, Arthur Pendleton, Norma Jean Gibson, Yvonne Ison, Tony and Karry Fields, Layton Phipps and his family, Clay Wilson, Floyd and Jodie Jones, Arlie and Jenny Jones, and so many others that I can’t remember all the names.

Lots of good words were spoken about Bill. His son, Archie, spoke about his dad and how he loved him, and how the both loved the UK Wildcats, but one thing Bill could not stand was people fighting and holding grudges — life is too short.

He was speaking to everyone in the room and to those who weren’t there to not carry a grudge, let it go, and forgive and forget. Then David Henry Ison spoke along the same lines.

I love everyone. My brother and sister and I haven’t always agreed on everything, but we made up and moved on. Some people, if they are mad at or do not like someone, get upset with the whole family, whether they are involved or not.

So people, learn how to get along and be there for one another because you never know when it will be someone close to you.

We were taught to never go to bed mad at each other.

Hazel Rayburn and the late Earl Rayburn would have been married 68 years on Dec. 6. Keep Hazel in your prayers, and keep good memories of Earl.

My parents, the late Mary and Jasper Fields, would have been married 69 years on Dec. 7 and are truly missed every day. Mom’s birthday would have been Dec. 13. R.I.P. She would have been 89 years old.

Chris Adams will be 38 years old on Dec. 12. Happy birthday, Chris, and we love you.

Marty Allen Fields died on Dec. 14 22 years ago. He is missed in our homes but will always be in our hearts. R.I.P.

Elijah Sanders died one years ago on Dec. 14. He is missed by all who knew him.

Little Marty Fields will be 9 years old on Dec. 16. Happy birthday, little man.

Delze Banks will be 67 on Dec. 16. Happy birthday, young man.

Wayne and Tammy Turner’s granddaughter Leah Grace will be 4 years old on Dec. 17. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Keep Melinda Daniel in prayer. She has pinched nerves in both arms and one in her leg. The doctor thinks her seizures are partly due to her nerves and diabetes.

Prayer list this week: Levene and Sonny Fields family, Bill Maggard Sr. family, Carol Lewis, Eugene and Irene Day, Mary Ann Maggard, Pat Mullins, Melinda Daniel, Audrey and Charles Hammonds.

Frank and Jeannie Adams, pastors at King’s Chapel Church, will be married 36 years on Dec. 18. Happy anniversary from Mike Fields, Melinda Daniel, James and Christine Fields.

My husband and I will be married 43 years on Dec. 21. Happy anniversary, James. It has not always been easy, but we are still together (I love you) after all these years. We have two wonderful sons, James Michael, age 41, and Chad Eric, 37 years old, and three beautiful granddaughters, Ashley Renee, age 20, Rebecca Kay, age 17, and Michaela Dawn, age 14.

We have been very blessed over the years with good jobs and good health (until recently). I am thankful for my family and God’s blessings. We have a great daughter-in-law, Amber, and Mike’s companion Melinda. I had wonderful parents, a good brother (Archie) and sister (Kathy) and their families, and am thankful for all my cousins, aunts and uncles and extended relatives. May God bless all of you.

Carol and Kendall Ison will be married 51 years on Dec. 20. Happy anniversary to them.

Please remember, on Saturday, Dec. 22, at noon, the Haymond Pentecostal Church will be giving away clothes and toys for the needy only. You must have a child present. Hot chocolate will be provided.

May God bless each and every one of you this week. Be good to yourself and one another. Until next time.

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