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Lillian Walker was community treasure

Greetings to all from the Eolia Christian Community Outreach Center.

“Who can find a virtuous women? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Lillian Walker died last week at the age of 95 and the above scripture immediately came to mind when I thought of her and began writing this column. Miss Walker, as she was known to almost everyone in the Eolia community, was my friend and former neighbor for about 30-some years. Matter of fact, the property I now live on was once the site of her old homeplace. Eolia

I have so many good memories of this dear lady. She was the best neighbor in the world, always sharing vegetables from her garden or sending us a piece of cake from a new recipe.

How she loved to bake. Miss Walker was famous for her wonderful cakes, which she was always happy to share. When there was a death in the community she not only baked a cake for the family, but prepared a complete meal. Miss Walker delighted in giving and showing kindness to others.

How she loved flowers. She had them planted around her house and in the yard so that it was a nightmare for whoever did the mowing. We used to laugh about how she would stand in the yard, hands on hips like a drill sergeant making sure her flowers would not be cut down.

She had a wonderful sense of humor and could laugh at a joke even if it was on her. I remember once she called us thinking someone was shooting behind her house. Turns out she had left some canned biscuits on the counter and they had exploded.

Her world was made up of quilting, raising a garden, cooking and canning and helping with needs in the community. She was quite content in that world. In all the years I knew her I never heard her say a word of gossip. Her life was one of faith, sharing and kindness. Our lives are enriched by her presence on this earth. Her descendants are blessed because of her. She was a community treasure and they just don’t make them like her anymore.

Community Bulletin Board: Bible study each Monday (except when it snows) at ECCO at 7 p.m. Good News Club meets each Wednesday at the Eolia Mission for ages three and up 6: 30- 7: 30 p. m. Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department meets the second Sunday of each month 11 a.m. at the Partridge Station, volunteers welcome. Partridge Lions Club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center, come and bring a guest.

Our prayer list includes the family of Lillian Walker, Verdell Sturgill, Pat Brock, Sharon Bird, Marie Starr, Stephanie Estep, Karen Morgan, Billy Dixon, Kathy Morton, Gary Gaithner, Johnny Maggard, Tim Maggard, Lois and Columbus Sturgill, Nora Walker, Don Brown, Raymond Kiser, Ralph Nease, Lucy Maggard, Helen Chapman and Brenda Gross.

Also remember to lift up in prayer our military troops, our President and the leaders of our country, the United States, all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, God bless.

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