Whitesburg KY

Linda and Beau Hatton mark birthdays


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. I certainly am. I’ve gotten over the flu and whatever I had and am feeling like a new person. Thank God for that!

I saw Ruth Banks at the hospital the other day. She was there for some tests. She was having a lot of pain in her legs and back. I sure hope she is doing better. Donna Holbrook had brought her up there.

I got a call from our cousin, Ruby Jean Howard of Fort Wayne, Ind. She said one of our cousins, Dexter Howard, was in the hospital. I hope he’s out and feeling better. He’s been in poor health for a long time.

Shirley Breeding was telling me her sister-in-law, Opal Hogg, had the flu. I hope she’s better by now. I’ve met her; she is a sweet lady. She live at Isom.

I finally got around to visiting my good friend, Tommie Baker. She’s still not doing too well. I enjoyed seeing her. I hope when the weather gets warm maybe we can walk some.

My brother, Hillard Howard, came by and had coffee with me the other day. He’s been staying home and taking care of his wife, Marsha. She’s still having lots of trouble with her legs. She is out of the hospital now.

Juanita Profitt, I enjoyed the pretty card you sent me. Thank you for the obituary of Clyde’s friend, Jack Hatfield. I didn’t tell Clyde he had died. Clyde would be upset.

I enjoyed our usual Wednesday dinner with sons Rob and Billy and also Sandra and Joseph Hatton. We look forward to that.

Sandra and Billy and Angie and Rich Mullins and their two children, Sam and Ellie, are on vacation at Disney World. I’m sure they are enjoying themselves, especially with children. I sure did enjoy the time I went there. I felt like an overgrown kid.

I got a call on Friday from Jim Caplinger in Dayton, Ohio. I still think about my visit to his home with my sister, Louise Shepherd, and brother, Hubert Howard, and wife Joyce. His wife, our cousin Rose (Howard) Caplinger, has since died. We sure loved her. I’m glad we had that visit. We sure enjoyed it.

My great-grandson, Beau Hatton, had a birthday Feb. 20. He turned 11 years old. My daughter-in-law, Linda Hatton, had one on Feb. 24. I think she’s past 11 years old.

The ladies of our church got together and went to Wise, Va., and ate at Bonanza to celebrate the ones who had birthdays in February, Alice Conn, Sonia Fields, and Pat Branham. Pat wasn’t able to make it. We sure enjoyed it. We plan on doing that every month. We had a large crowd. I’m not going to mention names; knowing me, I’d leave someone out, but it was lots of fun.

I went to a bridal shower at First Baptist Church on Saturday for Bryan Howard and his pretty bride-to-be, Jessica Petat. It was a nice shower, good crowds, lots of great food and nice gifts. It was good being there and seeing lots of family that I don’t get to see much. There were a lot of people with the flu that couldn’t make it.

Hubert and Joyce Howard have been in Nicholasville all week visiting with his son, Tony Howard, and his family. His mother-in-law is very sick.

It sounds like I was a party girl all week. It’s good to feel good and be able to get out.

Clyde is still about the same. I appreciate my pastor, Bro. John Conn, Jamie Niece, Caleb Howard, and Adam Absher going down to visit Clyde. He likes company and knows everyone. He doesn’t know where he is. He sure is getting good care there. That takes a lot off my mind, not having to worry about him.

I enjoyed a call Saturday night from Joe Bates. He had read about my twin goats and called to tell me his had triplets. he said they were so cute. We told goat tales and then got to church talk. He loves his church and I love mine. He lives close to me. I’ll look for his goats when I pass his house and see if they are as cute as mine. Joe Bates, I believe mine are the cutest!

My sister, Kathleen Brock, is still not feeling well. I hope she gets better soon. I think it’s a bad case of flu.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week if you are able.

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