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Linda and Herb Fields mark 37th wedding anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello to everyone! Linda (Day) Fields and Herb Fields had a wedding anniversary on June 10 (37 years). I hope you had a good one.

Also, the family of Lynch Fields had a reunion on June 13 and 14 at the Cowan Community Center. It looked like they had a good turnout. Herb was the grandson of Lynch Fields, who was my great-grandmother Mary Fields’s brother. Mary was married to the late Obie Fields. So Herb and Leroy, you’re my kin.

Mary Lou Turner was baptized Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. on June 14 by Johnny Collier, Danny Quillen, Wayne and Chris Turner and Roger Eldridge. Over 30 people gathered for an old-time singing and baptizing at Fishpond Lake.

Reuben and Odessa (Jones) Lewis will be married 49 years on June 25. They had three children, the late Daniel Lewis, Ruby and Michael. They have three granddaughters, two grandsons, two great-granddaughters and two great-grandsons. We wish them a happy anniversary and many more to come.

Odessa, Ruby and Bruce Jones, and Bruce’s son, Rick, and his wife, Barbara, were all at the baptizing. It was good to see all of them.

Wayne and Missy Fields had a household shower for their daughter, Dee, on June 14 at the Cowan Community Center. She will be getting married in July, and we wish her the best!

I forgot to mention that Linda and Herb Fields have two children, Chonea and Brian, and two grandsons that keep them busy. Linda makes the best chicken and dumplings! Yum! Sorry if I misspelled their daughter’s name.

Everyone have a great week and attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another, and if you feel like you’re at the end of your rope — tie a knot and hang on!

If your husband has retired from work, I feel sorry for you. Mine is driving me crazy. We moved down here to retire and take it easy, but he rushes me all of the time. Please pray for me!

Also, my granddaughter, Rebecca, turned 14 years old on June 15. Late happy birthday, Baby Doll.

See you next week.

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