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Linda Curry takes first place


This pumpkin made by seniors from the Ovenfork Center took first place in a pumpkin carving contest.

This pumpkin made by seniors from the Ovenfork Center took first place in a pumpkin carving contest.

Hello everyone, hope you all are staying warm these cold mornings.

Well, the Ovenfork Center has been a little busy. On Oct. 29, the seniors went to the New Hope Church in Hazard and learned some important information and were served a wonderful lunch. We thank everyone who was involved in that.

Then on Oct. 31, we had our county Halloween party at the Blackey Center. Everyone had a wonderful time. We had all kinds of spooks there, and they also served us a wonderful meal. Thanks to all the cooks and everyone who made that day possible for us to have a wonderful time.

Our County Judge Jim Ward and some magistrates were there. It was nice seeing them there.

There was a costume contest and Raggedy Ann won that. They looked just like her.

We had some Golden Arts things judged, and everything looked good.

From the Ovenfork Center, Linda Curry won first place with her apple jelly, apple butter, beets and also on her appliqué hand quilt of a coal miner. It is a beautiful quilt.

Also from the center, Archie Hubbard won second place on his wood table. It wasn’t placed in a category, but it still placed second. It was a beautiful, handmade chess table and some handmade woodwork of a boy and girl, and a frog jewelry box. I believe his wife Nancy helped him paint them.

There were other winners there, and everything was well prepared. It all looked good.

We are so proud of our seniors. They are all so talented.

They also had a pumpkin contest in which our center won first place. It was really nicely done.

So congratulations Ovenfork, on all your first and second place wins. Great work, and we are proud of you.

We are now looking forward to Thanksgiving at the center. All the delicious food, yum, yum. We have some wonderful cooks.

We have changed our potluck for this month to Nov. 14 because of some training, but everyone is welcome to come join us. Just grab a covered dish and come see us. You are always welcome.

We have a senior who is in need of special prayer. Linda Curry is having some problems and she is in our hearts and prayers. We love you, Linda, get well soon. We miss you.

We want to pray for everyone in our community. Some of them are Linda Curry, Ted Corder, June Maggard, John Sayers, Ronnie

Smith, Marie Snell, Ralph Collins, Gracie Mast, and there are many more.

Everyone on our routes, we pray for you all everywhere.

So that’s all the news from the Ovenfork Center. We’ll catch you next time.

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