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Linda Wenning to mark 90th birthday

Hello everyone, the few days of sunshine were great. My brother gave me a forsythia bush and Mike transplanted it for me. Yellow always makes me think that spring is near.

We did a quick trip to Coldwater, Ohio, to visit my mother-in-law, Linda Wenning. She is in a nursing home and we are trying to visit once a month. She hasn’t been feeling well and it was good seeing her. My mother-in-law will be 90 on March 21.

My cousin, Debbie Vice, and her husband, Jeff Vice, of Flemingsburg came in for a visit. They have a nice place on Kingdom Come. We went out to dinner at Las Penas Mexican restaurant one evening with them and John and Faye Campbell. Another night we went to Doughhouse Pizza and enjoyed good pizza. We met Beverly Smith Dawahare and spent some time talking with her.

Debbie and another cousin, Carl Bennett Banks, visited two cemeteries. They went to the Thornton Cemetery to see the grave of our great-great-grandmother Arminta Richmond Vermillion Hall. Then they visited the Sandlick Cemetery to see the grave of Arminta’s first husband, William Vermillion, along with his parents Douglas Irby Vermillion and Manerva Vermillion. Debbie said they had a fantastic time touring the cemeteries and talking about family history.

Millie Banks had a great birthday weekend. She celebrated with her daughter, Martie Bradford, and her granddaughter, Hannah. Millie had a surprise trip to Jack Cincinnati Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio. She didn’t know they were going until they were getting ready. Hannah had tee shirts for them all. Millie’s shirt said, The Price Is Right, I’m the birthday girl. Pick Me. The casino was hosting a Price is Right Live night. They didn’t get called to go on stage but they enjoyed the experience. They also had a very good buffet and for Millie’s birthday, she received her meal free. They had a wonderful time being together.

Upcoming birthdays for March are: March 1 – Micca Watts-Gordon; March 2 – Kae Fisher; March 3 – Gwen Banks Handlon, Lisa Fields Howard, and Joe Stamper; March 6 – Rose Roberts; March 10 – Brad Dutton; March 18 – Kelly Robinson; March 19 – Lena Caudill Brashears; March 23 – Barbara Campbell; March 26 – Mashawna Gilley-Caudill; and March 26 – Michael Watts. Happy birthday wishes are sent to all.

Donna Watts and Kay Shortt went to Richmond for The Price Is Right Show and they received The Price Is Right tee shirts. They weren’t chosen to be on stage but they had a good time. It was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the trash along Little Cowan Road was picked up by inmates. They did a good job. Everyone needs to work together to keep Letcher County clean.

There will be Cowan Community Center meeting on Tuesday, March 12. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the evening at the community center.

The time changes on March 10. It’s ‘Spring forward,’ so we lose an hour. It will be nice to have what will seem to be an extra daylight hour. e social media quote

Th of the week is: “The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart.”

Have a good week.

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