Whitesburg KY

Linda Whitaker Day visits homeplace

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone.

I hope you had a happy Easter and I am sorry I didn’t wish you one last week. To be honest I didn’t even think what day it is.

It sure has been beautiful weather here, though some days have been chilly.

I am sorry to hear Helen Ayers is having heart problems. Helen, I wish you the best.

Astor Taylor of East KY Tyme, just because all of a sudden I decided to fall apart doesn’t mean you have to follow suit and say what girls can do so can a man. I do hope you get back to playing music real soon.

Here’s one little mountain girl I want to say a few words about. Congratulations to Linda Whitaker Day.

I have not said very much about Linda, but she has been fighting a battle for her life for about two years with very little connection with the outside world. From what a little bird named Polly told me, Linda got to go to her old homeplace recently.

I refer to Linda’s mother as my ‘little extra mountain mama,’ Alma Whitaker.

Linda I hope you wiped those tears away and put a smile on your face and breathed in that good old fresh eastern Kentucky air.

Hello to Linda’s husband Darrel and to that goodlooking son of theirs.

Hello also to Linda’s sister, Sis Hogg in Michigan, and to Sis’s husband. I hope things are better for you and your husband Ralph Hogg.

Cenia Faye and Collin Graves, I hope you stay well.

Gwen Huff Farmer has gotten most of her garden planted as her son Forest Farmer and his wife came from Arkansas to help her.

A belated happy birthday wish on April 5 to Gwen’s son Glen Farmer Jr. He had surgery recently and I hope he is getting along alright.

Belated birthday wishes to Betty Ison on April 8. Doyle and Betty have been so good to come and see me and call me.

When I get well I am going to start a club called Show Me Your Scar as Doyle and so many before me have the same scar.

Easter Sunday my daughters Kay Gray and Angie Wiederhold brought enough food for my friend Vickie Power and me to share.

Those who came to visit at one time were Kay Gray, her daughter Jodi Gray, my two grandchildren 10-yearold Samantha Jo Gray, and five-year-old T. J. Proctor, Angie Wiederhold and five-year-old Bennie Wiederhold, plus Kay’s childhood friend Lisa and Jeff Wissel, and Vickie Power, Bernie and Esther Bowman stopped by earlier in the day.

My daughter Anna Nottingham and her husband Scott, along with Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn and boss man Kyle, are in Cape Coral, Fla. along with Scott’s sister Sherri Nottingham, and are all visiting their brother Tom Nottingham and his family.

My brother Richie Hall is doing a little better, and I know Wanda had a delicious Easter dinner.

Doyle and Betty Ison had both their sons Rand and Sheryl and children, and Mike and Rhonda Ison and their families.

Hello Emma Engle. I hope things are a bit better for you, and hello to my brother Jerry Hall and Mattie.

Well folks this is about it for now.

Until next time.

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