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Mostly clear

Line breaks, lack or rain cause problems for F-N water dept.

Water shortages and line breaks have plagued the Fleming-Neon water system in recent weeks. The annual drop in the city’s two water supplies, mostly due the lack of rain in the area, has forced water department workers to switch back and forth between the main source at Sheas Fork in McRoberts to the secondary well at Tom Biggs Hollow, also in McRoberts.

Water Manager Chris Banks told Fleming-Neon City Council members at their regular meeting that although city workers switched production to the well at Tom Biggs, the main well did have some problems with siltation from low water levels. He said in order to prevent levels at either well from getting too low, they began to switch from one to the other. He added that they have currently begun to pump from the main well during daylight hours and from the Tom Biggs well in the afternoon and at night.

Banks also told the council the city is purchasing water from the City of Jenkins for the Haymond area and from the Letcher County Water and Sewer District at connection points that were installed for the purpose of allowing the city to supplement its water source.

To add to the problems, the water loss for October was almost 50 percent, with a 47 percent loss.The city is pursuing funding to replace old water lines as part of the overall water improvement plan. Phase I concluded with the rebuilding the water plant in McRoberts and Phase II will be installation of new lines.

In other business, the council conducted thefirst reading of Ordinance 1109- 2020 to sell the franchise for electrical power and use of lines within the city to Kentucky Power Company. Council member Linda Cantrell also read the Granting Ordinance, Ordinance 1013-2020, which grants the franchise to Kentucky Power for the next 20 years. The second reading of each ordinance will take place at the next council meeting.

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