Whitesburg KY

Linefork church to hold fish fry


Cedar Grove Church is having a fish fry on Saturday, October 6 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the church at Linefork. It is $7 a plate, drink and dessert included. All proceeds go to help the church.

Happy birthday to Ronnie Miller of Blackey. It was on Sept.16. Alan Bates of Elk Creek had one the 17th, his wife Lyn on the 21st, John Morton of Jeremiah on the 20th, Debra Wright Combs of Isom on the 18th, and Elijah Caudill of Blackey on the 19. He lives in North Carolina now. Heather Wright of Lexington had a birthday the 12th, Kevin Adams of Jeremiah the 13th, Kathy Caudill of Red Star the 10th, Vette Caudill of Linefork on the 14th, Lonis Morris of Isom on the 14th, Tara Couch of Linefork on the 16th, Darlene Jent Sexton of Elk Creek on the 15th, and my uncle Dorse Back of Elk Creek on Sept. 16.

Prayers up for my cousin Rhonda Hatton Hudson. She is in hospice care in Hazard. She has cancer and is not doing well at all. I wish her the best.

Virgil Combs has been back in the hospital again. He just has so many health problems and has such a hard time. I sure wish him and his wife Freda the best. He is home now, but I think he was in for about 10 days.

Lois Smith of Blackey had to have surgery last wee. She was having a rough time. I hope she feels better soon.

Ella Mae Smith of Carcassonne had surgery on the 24th. She had cataracts removed on her eyes and lens implants put in. She is doing well.

Happy birthday to Doreen Calhoun of Letcher. It was on the 24th. Cameron Hayes of Elk Creek turned 4 on the 23rd. He is the son of Jeremy and Nadean Hayes. Jeremy has his on the 25th

Get well wishes to Macey Vice of Whitesburg. She went in for an emergency appendectomy and it had ruptured. She stayed in the Whitesburg hospital for about a week then was sent home to recover. She is the daughter of Heather Bates of Whitesburg and Kyle Vice of Elk Creek.

Happy anniversary to Deeb and Alice Adams. It was their 40th on the 25th.

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