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Lion Club talks of this year’s accomplishments

Christmas dinner was on Tuesday, Dec. 4, meeting for its last time for the year of 2018. The gathering took place at 6 p.m. with the usual manner but with the exception of the guests. Present at the dinner were the spouses and friends of the members. There were over 30 individuals present.

The dinner menu was catered by the “Twin Sisters Catering Service” and the menu was superb, consisting of turkey, dressing, gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, broccoli casserole, yam casserole, coleslaw, and other items that I have at this point lost track of.

As always we opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and a prayer spoken by Lion Mark Wagner. Everyone was welcomed and a small discussion took place among the members of some things they enjoyed over the past year. We were essentially proud of our float and participation in the Christmas parades during this time last year.

The only thing that would have made the dinner more special for us would have been the presence of two of our distinguished absent members. Lion Jack Morgan was missing. As reported earlier, Lion Jack’s health was not well and he moved to Hazard to be near his daughter. But he has not been forgotten. The idea of several of our group making a visit to Lion Jack to wish him a merry Christmas and spend a few minutes with him to express our loss of his being with our club.

Another missing member of our club was Wendell Hogg. Mrs. Hogg has been in the Letcher Manor Nursing Home for several months and Wendell has been by her side day in and day out. I have visited them a few times over the past months and Mrs. Hogg has been doing much better and Wendell is stuck to her like glue.

Also missing was one of our newest and distinguished members, Lion Willie Spangler, whose wife is on the sick list for the last little bit, and Willie is needed much more at home than at this event. All the members of our club send out our prayers to these families for better times to come, and a special message from all of us that your Christmas Season be fulfilled and that we miss you very much.

Lion Sam Quillen gave a little talk on the things the club has done over this year, and as one looks back it certainly was a full schedule of happenings, and although this is the last meeting the schedule is not closed yet, as we prepare to help at the MJP Elementary School event Friday and the WHS Christmas Project next weekend.

As dinner is served, the thought has hit me that this is the first Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner that I have had outside my home, and I love these dinners, especially having dinner with my Lions Club members and their family. And the evening was topped off with several games of Bingo Gift Giving. Everyone brought a gift for someone else and the Bingo game of Swap and Switch. The game provided for a lot of fun and laughs, all in all a great night with a great group of people.

And as always, “We Are The Neon Community Lions Club And We Serve,” Merry Christmas to all.

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