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Lions club have potluck dinner

As the Neon Lions Club closes out the year on Tuesday June 15, we look back at the start of this season when we opened in April due to the virus pandemic, which closed us and most of our community activities down for 14 months, as we were just getting started. However now we look forward to starting our next season during the month of August.

We closed our season with our annual cookout and meeting on Tuesday, June 15. Fifteen members were present, along with several guests and family members.

This year we had our potluck dinner, with the main meat entree of fried perch and catfish provided by members Lion Sam Quillen and Lion Marshal Bevins. The menu provided a wide range of food including baked potatoes and coleslaw, garden salad, fried pickles, potato salad, fruit salad and desserts including chocolate cream cake, Elvis Presley cake, strawberry punch bowl cake, and brownies.

Everyone enjoyed a very pleasant dinner and conversation and a lot of humor, so that for the evening we seemed to forget what a sad and stressful time we had just come through.

After dinner, we thought of our closing session with the induction of three new members. Those members are Linda Collins, Rob Collins, and Stamper Collins, three fine members of the Neon Community.

A few words were also spoken in tribute to Lion Buddy Grubb and his commitment to the Lions Club.

Also our executive officers were installed for the next season of our club. All positions remain the same for the next year with the exception of the Office of Vice-President, as Lion Mackie Cook retired himself from that position. He was replaced by our second vice-president, who moved up to that position for the upcoming year. The officers include President Jason Adams, Vice-President Doris Adams, Secretary Mark Wagoner, and Treasurer Terry Sturgill.

Lion Sam Quillen, Jr. then offered a historical look into the founding of the Neon Lions Club.

The Neon Lions Club began 80 years ago on April 2, 1941 when the club was founded by J. Bennett Napier and the office of President was chaired by Dr. E.G. Skaggs and Secretary Clifford Bryant.

Lion Sam gave a very proud presentation of the Neon Lions Club History in which he stated that his great-grandfather William Quillen was also a member of the newly founded Neon Lions Club and has been represented by the Quillen family since its founding until today by members of William Quillen’s descendants, Sam Quillen, Jr., Phillip Adams, and now our newest members, Linda Collins and sons, Rob and Stamper.

It was a very pleasant warm and sunny evening, with great food, friendly family companionship, and homestyle gathering and a promise that the Neon Lions Club will continue to serve the people of the world and the community of Fleming-Neon because.

“We are the Neon Lions Club, and we serve.”

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