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Listen to your kids instead of yelling at them

As I have said on previous occasions, our youngsters can say and do some interesting and funny things if we take the time to pay attention to them. I mean if they try to talk to you, listen to them instead of yelling at them and telling them to shut up. A child will never learn to talk if someone is always telling it to shut up when it tries to say something, even if you have a hard time figuring out what it is trying to say.

A child doesn’t come into this world with a full blown vocabulary. It has to learn, just like it has to learn to walk.

If you are trying to teach a little one how to do something, don’t be alarmed if its mind starts to wander because a small child’s attention span is very short. And don’t get the impression that there is a mental problem hampering the child, because usually there isn’t.

The same goes for their actions because sometimes they may do things which don’t make any sense at all to you, but are pretty important to the child or it wouldn’t do them.

So instead of telling a child to stop whatever it is doing, leave it alone as long as it isn’t doing something which could result in injury to itself or others, or damage things in the immediate area. Some children have fantastic imaginations, even when very small, and can come up with some really off-the-wall actions.

If a small child fails to live up to your expectations, it doesn’t need your criticism. It needs your encouragement and understanding because no child should ever be made to feel inferior to any other child.

All this will do is cause a child not to have enough, if any, self-confidence. If a child grows into adulthood without self- confidence, many times it won’t have the self-respect needed to stay off the road of self-destruction, such as drugs, alcohol, and many other vices.

Self-confidence leads to self-respect because they will have the will to try, and will accept failure with dignity and be willing to keep trying until they succeed at whatever they attempt in life, even if times and places are very difficult to contend with.

On the other hand, always bear in mind that charity begins at home, meaning that a child should be taught that it is as good as the next child, but not any better than any other child. If a child is taught that it is better than other children, it will bear that image through life, and that often leads to being a school bully.

Many of those who are taught that they are superior to other kids fail miserably when it comes to learning what they need to know because they are of the opinion that they already know it all and not studying is necessary. But when it comes to testing time the fall, overboard, so to speak.

Cramming all night for a test the next day doesn’t work very well either, because after a period of time the memory cells of the brain will start shutting down, after which very little is absorbed.

I suppose it would be like trying to load more into a computer after its memory is full. It just won’t work.

A little humor if you please. Two hobos had just got off a freight train, and only had enough money for one meat sandwich. As they were walking up the track, looking for another train to hitch a ride on, the piece of meat fell out of the sandwich. It was dark and they began feeling around on the ground for their piece of meat, and in the dark they grabbed a frog and put it between the pieces of bread.

One hobo bit into it, and the frog said, “Creeedit.” He handed the sandwich to the other one and he bit it and again it said, “Creeedit.” About this time the frog decided it had had enough and hit the ground in high gear. Also about that time, the two hobos swore off of meat sandwiches and kicked it into high gear.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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