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Adult volunteers gathered on April 26 at the Jenkins City Park for a litter pick-up sponsored by the city’s Blighted/Deteriorated/Nuisance Committee. Participants included (back row, left to right) Ked Sanders, Quinn Bowling, Hunky Hall, Jim Stephens, Ray “Sarge” Adams, P-Nut Blair, (front row) Linda Meade, Charles Meade, Mayor Charles Dixon, Sarah Brown, Mason Tackett, and Randy Tackett. The cleanup stretched from the lower end of Burdine to the edge of town and coincided with the PRIDE-sponsored Jenkins City Cleanup. LKLP catered the event and provided transportation to the volunteers. One hundred and thirty bags of trash were collected. The committee will sponsor another litter pick-up in the fall. To volunteer or make a donation, call 832-2142.

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