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Littering our state a problem for everybody, and it must stop

This past week, the meeting of Muhlenberg Fiscal Court included a discussion of efforts to address the public littering problem in the community.

And let’s all be honest, it’s a matter that has long been out of control.

While we understand the cost of ridding yourself of household trash and refuse is a challenging one, the option of simply throwing it on the ground or in an illegal dump is no option at all.

It is our view doing so actually demonstrates how little self-pride and pride in Muhlenberg County the offenders actually have.

Trash and litter on our roadsides, in illegal dumps and just strewn across residential yards and property is not only an eyesore and embarrassment to all, it is also an environmental threat.

As a county with many creeks and streams leading to the Green and Pond Rivers, which ultimately lead to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and on to the Gulf, much of this trash will also end up being everyone’s problem.

Kentucky is known nationwide as one of the most beautiful of our United States, but it is up to all of us to take care of it.

We dare say every person — man, woman or child — who throws litter onto the ground knows better the moment they consider doing so.

Now Muhlenberg County — which is already cash-strapped — is faced with addressing the problem, and finding a way to pay for it.

Too many say, “Well, just let the jail crews pick it up,” and that is partly going to happen, but that costs funds the county has little of.

There is a community effort growing, but we encourage everyone in this county to take an active role and to accept their responsibility.

Mother government should not have to take care of everything for us, and simply put, jail inmates are not property for the community to use on whatever issue they do not want to tackle themselves.

Just as the potential sale of any piece of real estate depends heavily upon “curb appeal,” so, too, does economic development and investment by outside sources.

Public litter does not help at all.

We applaud the county government and community leaders for these early discussions to address this serious problem.

Not only do we encourage clean-up, but also prosecution of offenders and self-pride.

— Central City Leader-News

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