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Little Cowan Church holds Thanksgiving services


We are still enjoying this pretty fall weather. It should give everyone time to make preparation for the cold season ahead.

We really enjoyed the good Thanksgiving services at the Little Cowan Church this past week. There were visiting ministers each night. After the church service on Sunday, a nice Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed by all. Elder Brad Dutton and his wife, Annie, attended from Louisa. Elder Fields also celebrated his birthday Sunday. We were able to attend every night but one.

Many people will be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and many will be sad as their loved ones have passed away. It isn’t the same, but be thankful for the memories. We have many happy memories of the past and have been blessed in many ways, especially being warm in winter, cool in the summer, and always having plenty to eat. Remember the young men and women at war. It has seemed in my life that we have always had plenty.

Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks attended a play on Friday night and the Morehead vs. San Diego University football game on Saturday. They also were looking at properties on Cave Run Lake and were the guests of Dudley and Joyce Herron of Morehead at dinner on Friday. Marsha and Joyce’s cousin, Hetty Kincer Caldwell, and her husband, Wayne, were also able to be there.

I don’t have a big lot of news, but maybe no news is good news. We just hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving and a safe trip if they have to travel over the miles. We have many happy memories of Thanksgiving over the years.

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Phillips enjoyed church at Holbrook Memorial on Sunday and reported a good service.

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