Whitesburg KY

Little Cowan Church to host Association


News time comes around fast. People are busy in various ways but most things are as usual. Our relatives who used to visit in the spring are waiting to come later. We will miss their spring visits.

Some people are beginning to plant gardens and the mowing season has started.

The Little Cowan Church will be busy getting ready for the Association this fall. Some are already making reservations. The Association includes Primitive Baptist churches in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. It is an honor to host the Association.

Our nephew, Charles Pitts, called from Tennessee. They always did come in the spring. Their son, Eddie, and Donna of Oklahoma, plan to come in the fall.

Several family members and friends attended the graduation of our neighbor, Brandy Louella Sexton, at Alice Lloyd College last Saturday. Brandy has been our neighbor since she was a small girl and we are proud of her. She is the daughter of Allen and Betty Sexton. She has been accepted to the University of Kentucky physical therapy program. Best wishes to all the graduates.

Best wishes to Georgia Phillips, who is recuperating after her recent surgery.

The Eastern Star dinner will be held on Sunday, May 18, starting at 11 a.m. at the Whitesburg Masonic Lodge at Pine Mountain Junction.

I received a greeting from Frank and Barbara Craft who were visiting relatives recently. Carl is good to carry greetings to me and I thank all those who ask about me.

The Cowan Lady Bulldogs had a year-end party at the school sponsored by Pam Banks, assisted by Gina Caudill. Several parents attended for dinner and a trophy presentation. Then the girls, 15 of them, spent the night in the gym. They feasted on pizza, Subway sandwiches, and other goodies. They enjoyed a fashion show, playing games, and special entertainment provided by Nicole and Summer. The last one fell asleep at 3:30 a.m., way past Pam’s bedtime, but she was well please with everyone’s really good behavior.

Faye and Charles Banks had visitors this week, Steve and Doris Adams of Battletown, Ky., their son Greg and Kristin Adams and their sons Jasper and Jacob. Joining them on Saturday evening were Tammy and Darrell Holbrook, Markie and Alfreda Adams, their daughter Cheryl Adams, Bert and Zelma Lou Banks, Lashawna and Sam Frazier, Sameerah and Skyler, Caden and Damon Holbrook.

Linda Lucas and her grandson Aiden were here for a few days. Aiden is a beautiful two-year-old who enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends and relatives. He especially enjoyed playing with his cousins, Callie and Ella, and Bradley and Joseph.

I enjoyed a nice call from Novac Banks of Columbus, Ind. She hopes to make a visit to Kentucky sometime this year. It’s always good to hear from those who live away.

It’s getting time to send my news in so I will close with love and best wishes to all.

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