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Mostly sunny

Little Edna Church has good meeting

Northeast Ohio

It’s that time again and I hope everyone had a good week. It’s beautiful here today, with sunshine and not too cool, almost my kind of weather. Of course I prefer temperatures in the 80s.

We got to go to Little Edna Church here in Lorain last Sunday and this Sunday being an odd Sunday (first), there was to be church at Little Edna again. I do believe they had one of the best meetings in a long time. Preaching, praying and singing were all really good and interesting and a really good crowd.

I hope I don’t make too many mistakes. I’ve got company coming and have just about tuckered myself out. I baked a stack cake and two dried apple pies, a much harder job than it used to be.

Georgia had her sinus surgery as an outpatient. She’s doing well but had to sleep sitting up. Our dear friend Phyllis Clark (Milford) had to have some testing done at Cleveland Clinic. We haven’t heard anything yet. Just hoping and praying she will receive some good news. She hasn’t been too well for some time now.

I talked to Jeanie and I don’t think she was feeling too well. Neither of us had been in contact with Sarah Belle, so I don’t know if she is back from her trip and if she enjoyed herself.

Rose Ballard, you mentioned feed sacks. Do you realize just how many uses our mothers found for them? Slips, bloomers (now a bloomer is a flowering plant, but not way back when), dishtowels and dishrags, sheets, pillowcases, diapers, quilt linings and any other use one could find for them. Almost forgot dresser and table scarves, sometimes with some embroidery. That was when most everyone did use scarves.

I can remember Mom bleaching till they were soft and as white as she could get them; bleaching was boiling in lye. Mom also found lots of uses for the printed ones when they came out, dresses, skirts and blouses for the five girls and shorts and shirts for the four boys, course for them it couldn’t be a girlie print, curtains and scarves and material for much needed quilts.

Nothing ever went to waste at our house, Mom could always find a use for most everything. Back then with the way things were and with a passel of children, it was needful. Seems we have turned into a wasteful nation. And I must admit, I’m as guilty as the next one.

I just talked to Bill. He’s in negotiations to rent a larger building for the store and he sure does need one. It’s just a few blocks from where he is now, on the other side of the street and much easier access.

Hello, Oma Hatton, I don’t believe there’s a day goes by when I don’t think of you and hope and pray things are going well with you.

I also want to say hello to dear friends Emilie Schmidt, Gladys Smith, Nellie Banks, Dorothy Potter, Thelma Watts, Georgia Starry, Wanda Norwood, all my family and relatives, all my Engle family and I could go on and on but think I’d better stop here. Don’t want to be pushy.

I received a letter from Gladys (Coots) Montgomery in Felt Okla. Some of you Stuart Robinson School alumni may remember her, she graduated with me in 1945. She seems to be doing fairly well. But like me, she has her aches and pains. Sure isn’t any fun getting older, but that’s just the way of things and we sure can’t stop time.

I guess I’d better cut this short as I have a few more things to do, such as putting beans in to soak. I already have mustard greens cooked and chopped and a ham ready for baking. I do as much cooking ahead as I can, don’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen.

By the time you read this Halloween will be just a memory and I do hope all the little ones had a safe and happy night and not too many tummy aches.

Hello to all my new friends at Antioch Church in Louisville. If any of you ever plan to be in this area, let my sister Jeanie Adams know and I’m sure she will let me know and if at all possible I will see you.

You have a blessed peaceful week, stay well and stay warm. Love and prayers to all. Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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