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Little Ruby Church has big crowd Sunday


Just a short column this week — getting caught up on the things that didn’t get written last week.

I forgot to mention last week that Wendell and Doreen Calhoun are also new great-grandparents of Jason and Brooke Ison’s new baby.

Francine Caudill’s daughter, Amanda, and her husband are proud new parents. They live in Pike County, which isn’t too far for Mamaw Francine to have to go to spoil the baby.

A reunion was held recently for the graduates of Calvary College. I hope they enjoyed talking over old times and catching up with each other.

Recently the children of the late Dee and Ethel Smith got together and rented a van so they could visit their sister-in-law Rose Smith and her family in Michigan.

Tommy Harris Smith, Lillie Moss Hale, Mary Jo and Anna Lou Blair and Roy Kenon Smith, enjoyed the trip and seeing their kinfolk. While they were there, some of the members of the late Dock and Dixie Smith family came over to visit their cousins, and all enjoyed being together and attending church together on Sunday.

The Jeremiah area has lost two “good fellers” from the community, Jimmy Caudill of Black Bottom and Owen Amburgey of Tipple Road.

Jimmy was the husband of Bertha Caudill and belonged to the Bull Creek Church. He was a faithful member, not only there, but also to other local churches.

His funeral was held at the Blair Branch Church, and a large crowd of friends and family came out to pay their respects to his family.

He was laid to rest in the Hampton Cemetery at Letcher. Our sympathy goes out to Bertha and the children, and all of his family.

Owen Amburgey was another kind gentleman, well known and loved throughout the area. He hadn’t been in good health lately, but it was still hard to believe he wouldn’t get better. Emma and Kim have our sympathy during their sorrow.

A large crowd came out to the funeral services, and he was laid to rest in the Adams Cemetery above his home.

Many from out of town came in for his funeral. Lucille Gilkerson and her daughter Pat and “Gig” were a few out-of-towners who were here.

A pretty good-sized crowd came out to the Little Ruby Church services Sunday evening. Many who have family ties and remembrances of how the church influenced their lives came out to show their support and love for the church and its members.

It would be very sad to lose a church in any community, and its remaining members don’t want to have to close its doors. So next month, on the second Sunday at 2:30, they invite everyone to come and worship God and help keep this old church going.

Congratulations to Curt and Chelsea Adams on the birth of their new baby. I hope that mother and baby are doing well.

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