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Live, love and be happy

Big Cowan

Hello folks! Is anyone tired of this weather? Maybe spring will get here soon.

Jessie Hill, wife of my cousin David “Jr.” Hill of Gate City, Va., died on Feb. 12 at Holston Valley Hospital in Tennessee. The funeral was on Sunday in Virginia. David is the son of my late Aunt Vina Fields but was raised by the Hills. Jessie had been in bad health for the last few years. Prayers for David and his family.

Please keep Mike in your prayers. Still has infection in his toe. Archie has been in rehab at Pikeville Hospital. Melinda “Kay Kay” Daniel had surgery on Thursday at the Markee Cancer Center in Lexington. She had a lot of problems. Hopefully she will be on her way to recovery. Hoping if it is cancer that they get it all. She has been a very sick girl.

In memory this week:

Lou Anna Fields Ingram died two years ago on Feb. 20.

Nick Conasta — two years ago, Feb. 20.

Jasper Fields (my wonderful dad) would have been 96 on Feb. 22.

My aunt, the late Loreva Fields, would have been 90 on Feb. 22.

Birthdays this week: Jay Bates, Feb. 24, and Amber Fields, Feb. 25, will be 32. She is married to my son Chad. Hoping both of you have a great day.

Both sides of my family have had so much sickness and death lately. Really wish everyone could still be here and be healthy. I am still blessed to have my brother Archie and sister- in- law Margaret Fields, my sister Kathy and brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe, my children and grandchildren, my Uncle Isom and Aunt Darlene Fields and my Aunt Irene and Uncle Eugene Day, and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Children, please be good to your parents and let them enjoy their lives ‘cause you will not always have them with you. I know we try to protect them and sometimes it does them more harm than good. If they feel like doing something, then let them do it. Make peace with your loved ones while you have a chance and you will not have guilt later. Just saying.

Both my parents and my husband knew I loved them and did the best I could, so I have no regrets. Just wish I could have kept them longer. I tell my grandkids and my children that I love them very often. Life is too short to hold grudges and be at odds with one another and it is our Christian duty to forgive those that have done us wrong.

So live, love and be happy so when it is your time to go people will have good things to say about you. People’s presence at a funeral or visitation shows how much that person was loved and respected.

Well, enough on that. Hope all my friends and family in the other “snowedin” states are holding up OK. If they need more snow, we have plenty in Letcher County to send them and share the love. LOL.

My little Kia Soul has been doing real well in this weather except my sister and brother-in-law’s driveway had slush and I got hung up in their yard. Love my little Hamster Buggy.

Pam Fields (my niece) is back to driving an 18-wheeler. I would have to have to drive some places she does in this weather. She has been lucky so far.

Was so glad to see on Facebook that Dee Dee Williams has a sweetheart named James. Way to go, girl, and may God bless you both.

Jeanne and Frank Adams stopped by the other day to check on Melinda. They were going to the Cowan Community Center for a wedding or something. They both are real good people and do like a pastor is supposed to — check on people that attend their church. I know they are good to Mike and were good to me during James’s sickness. They pastor King’s Chapel Church at Whitco. Go visit them sometime and see how well they treat you. I have been a few times and they always treat me well.

I still need a closer walk with God. It has been over two years since I attended church regularly and I always loved church and was always faithful. Things happen that make you wonder about people sometimes, but God only is their judge and my judge and He knows where our hearts are with Him.

Well, enough for the sermonette. Guess I will go. Everyone stay in, stay warm, be good to someone, attend the church of your choice and pray for someone. Forgive one another.

Until next time, may God bless all of you.

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