Whitesburg KY

Liz Sturgill is star senior


Hello everyone, hope everyone is staying warm on these cold mornings.

One thing for sure, the trees sure are pretty changing their colors. Going across the mountain to Whitesburg it is so beautiful, and sometimes on top, when you look over, it looks like water with little islands sticking up. We sure have a beautiful place to live.

Our star senior this month is Liz Sturgill. She has been coming to the center for seven years. We are glad to have her with us. She is a wonderful person and we love her, and to us she is a ‘star senior.’

The Ovenfork Center has been busy this month. On the 7th, we went on a shopping trip to Norton, Va. They always enjoy Magic Mart and Walmart, and stopping to eat at Prime Sirloin. They always have delicious food.

Then on the 9th, we went to a health fair in Hazard, and they visited the booths and won some prizes. They enjoy going there also. They see a lot of seniors from our county, as well as other counties.

Thanks to everyone for taking time out of their busy days to bring us the health fair.

On the 14th, we had our monthly potluck. It was a wonderful day. We got to meet two of Jerry Banks’s sisters who no longer live around here. Very nice to meet them.

Jerry Banks and Kester Halcomb, James Brock and Darrel Caudill and our own magistrate, Bobby Howard sang some beautiful songs for us. They are great singers. Thanks, guys, for coming and being with us. We always enjoy you.

The ladies did a wonderful job on the food. Everything was delicious. They are a great bunch of cooks and wonderful people. Thank you all.

On the 22nd, everyone wore orange for Elder Abuse and Bullying Awareness Day. Also on the 22nd, we had classes at Ermine and it was their potluck. We ate some delicious food. They did a great job with the cooking, and thank you all for letting us eat with you. They are wonderful people.

On the 29th, we will be going to Hazard for Elder Abuse Awareness Fall Fun Day. They will be giving away prizes for “crazy hats” and best costumes. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

So that’s all for the Ovenfork Center. Come and join us if you are 60 or have a spouse that is 60. You are always welcome. Or come to our potluck and bring a covered dish and enjoy our singers and fellowship with our seniors. We would be glad to have you.

It’s on the second Tuesday of every month unless we have to change it. Our November potluck will have to be changed because we will be closed on Veteran’s Day, so we will have it on the 12th.

Hope to see you there. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Until next time, God bless.

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