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Local band has ‘gotten better since last time’

Members of the folk rock band Wayne Graham are Kenny Miles, Jon Grindstaff, Jordan Epperson, Charlie West and Hayden Miles.

Members of the folk rock band Wayne Graham are Kenny Miles, Jon Grindstaff, Jordan Epperson, Charlie West and Hayden Miles.

It has been almost a year since the Letcher County folk rock band Wayne Graham has performed at Summit City. Last August when they played in Whitesburg two men from Hazard had recently joined the band and were still getting acquainted with the other three members — two Letcher County brothers and a friend.

The five men will take the Summit City stage again at 9 p.m. on June 18.

“I feel like we have gotten better since last time,” said Kenny Miles, front man and primary songwriter of the band Wayne Graham. “Last time we played they said it wasn’t long enough. So this time we will play until they tell us to stop.”

Kenny Miles, 21, and his brother, Hayden Miles, 17, both of Mayking, started the band about two years ago. Hayden Miles plays drums and sings while 29-year-old Charlie West of Cram Creek plays bass. Jon Grindstaff, 22, of Hazard plays lead guitar and his cousin, Jordan Epperson, 19, of Hazard, plays the mandolin, piano and guitar.

The band has put on 39 shows since January, including stops in Lexington, Louisville and Asheville, N.C. Kenny Miles said The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville has been one of his favorite places they have played, because it is one of the first places where the nationally acclaimed Kentucky band My Morning Jacket performed in its earlier days.

Wayne Graham will continue to perform during the summer months. Kenny Miles said the live sets consist mostly of some of the band’s 20 new songs and a couple of covers including “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon.

Wayne Graham will soon begin recording songs for its second album, Brighter By Now. Kenny Miles said some of the new songs are about “things not being what you expected them to be once you get there.”

Kenny and Hayden’s parents, Kim and Ken Miles, built a recording studio in the basement of their home where the band’s debut album Ripe Old Age was recorded.

Like the first album, Kenny Miles said songs on the sophomore release will include lyrics about faith and lessons learned from family. Kenny Miles said it is impossible to not write about family. The band is named in honor of Kenny and Hayden’s grandparents.

“I think we have a fresh take on old music,” said Kenny Miles. “It sounds familiar, but it sounds fresh, too.”

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