Whitesburg KY

Local KFTC meets in Whitesburg

The Letcher County Chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth held its annual meeting in the Whitesburg office. Folks brought food, especially a chocolate ice cream cake to celebrate Patty Tarquino’s three years with KFTC. It was a small gathering – nine of us including two visitors from Spain working on articles about our organization and a new member, Ellis Keyes.

Our discussion began with talking about our “Emergency Ice Cream Social” and an update of what’s happening with the state legislature. There were many ideas shared about actions we might take from writing more letters and going to Frankfort to sending a chapter formation team to western Kentucky.

We then moved on to discussing the special session that the state is attempting to call and the coal-to-liquid movement. A panel of speakers – Jeff and Sharman Chapman- Crane, Sam Gilbert of Letcher County, Truman Hurt of Perry County, and Carl Shoup of Harlan County – were to discuss the issue on WMMT’s “Mountain Talk” program.

Discussion continued on the subject of voter empowerment including suggestions of sending speakers into the civics and government classes in the high schools and college to talk about registering to vote, how bills go through the legislature, and examples of issues and the importance of voting.

The next agenda items included a fund-raiser Friday, Sept. 7, for the Heritage 2k7 Cruise Downtown Whitesburg. We will have an information table and sell bottled water from 4 to 9 p.m. and need volunteers to staff the table. Our next monthly meeting is Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. The Mountain Heritage Festival Sept. 26-29. We will have an information booth.

Suggestions to engage the public in conversation included pages for children to color with KFTC information on the reverse side, a video-matic booth for people to view the AMI film about mountaintop removal, flashing the Bob Gates film as a silent movie on a side wall of the booth as a silent movie after dark, and exhibiting the sculpture “The Agony of Gaia”.

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